Lump on eyebrow

I get these random lumps on my eyebrow or near it, it starts off as a small pea sized bump and goes to become this big 3-4 cm lump. Its soft and itches a little bit this has happened 4-5 times. It spreads and makes my eye puffy and goes away in 6-8 hours. Please help I'm really worried.

5 March 2017

Hello, we're sorry to hear of your concerns, the lump you are experiencing could be caused by several things none of which are usually serious. From what you have described it may be a small sebaceous cyst for example, this is where a gland under the skin becomes blocked with discharge and creates a swelling or lump that is usually soft and moveable, as the blockage increases accompanying swelling extending to surrounding areas can develop and the skin becomes itchy where it is being stretched by the extra pressure beneath it. Other causes of this type of lump are usually related to either an allergic reaction often from something that has been applied near to or within the eye area, or from a condition known as folliculitis. This is where one or more hair follicles becomes damaged either through friction or shaving or similar and becomes blocked inflamed and swollen causing the type of symptoms that you have been seeing. Treatment for these type of problems is usually aimed at getting rid of any infection if it has developed and reducing any inflammation and swelling that has presented. Allergic reactions are treated by isolating the cause of the allergic reaction and treating the immediate allergy symptoms. Given the speed with which your symptoms resolve over a few hours rather than days it is possible that an allergy may be contributing to the problems you have been having. As this has happened more than once it would be sensible to arrange an appointment to see your GP when this next happens to allow them to examine the area, give any treatment that may be needed and hopefully stop this from happening again.

Best of luck with this Akshara,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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