I constantly need to go to the toilet

Apologies if this is a bit long winded but thought it best explain in full.. I've not been to the doctor for anything other than a skin rash since I was a child, however this year I've already been twice and am now debating whether to go again. The first time I complained of chest pains- the doc did a CT scan (normal), blood pressure test (high at the time but normal at home when he gave me a machine to use) and blood test (normal). After I was told I'm ok I went away and the pains pretty much disappeared. I went back a couple of months later as I kept having an urgent desire that I need to go to the toilet (for a wee)- I had urine tests and everything came back normal. I've now got a problem with the other side of the digestion system- my anus (sorry for the subject matter) hurts alot- I feel like I constantly have to contract my sphincter (sorry for spelling) muscle, and I've got a rash round the area, and its very sore. It's been persistent for about a month- I'm debating whether to go docs again after the first 2 times where there was nothing wrong with me- they suggested its stress related, but with 3 different issues in 6 months Im sitting on the fence about whether to go again and ask to be referred for private care or just to get a thorough check up. Would you have any advice at all?

24 July 2013

I’m sorry you’re having a run of medical problems. It doesn’t sound as if they are related in terms of any physical cause, although stress can cause an astonishing variety of physical symptoms which are very real. Problems with the anus are extremely common and, while many patients are embarrassed about them, your doctor won’t be. If you’ve been having problems with your bottom, you may well have been rubbing it more or perhaps cleaning it with a scented soap. This can irritate the skin (especially if it is already sore), making it more inflamed. Alternatively, piles (small swellings just inside the anus) commonly give rise to bleeding, but they can also cause pain and a feeling of fullness, so you don’t feel as if you’ve finished when you go to the toilet. They can also result in passing mucus from the anus, which can also irritate the skin.

I would suggest you should see your doctor, because they are likely to be able to reassure you and, if they make a diagnosis, can either give you effective treatment or advice on how to reduce the chance of this happening again.

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