Slight cataract developing in my left eye

I have a slight cataract developing in my left eye. Although it does not yet prevent me from seeing sufficiently well to work or drive safely it is becoming annoying, particularly when outside in bright sunlight. How do you judge that this condition is serious enough for me to make a claim?

23 October 2016

Thank you for your question.

From your question I would presume that you have already been told or diagnosed with a Cataract. This may have been reported to you from either your Optometrist or Ophthalmic Specialist. Most of the time, the Cataracts can cause your vision to become less clear, you may find that:

  • Car headlights and streetlights may become dazzling
  • You may experience difficulties moving from shaded to sunlit areas
  • Colours may look different, or faded or yellowed

Most people find that they are able to continue with their normal daily activities whilst having Cataracts in there early stages. Surgical intervention is usually recommended when the Cataracts start affecting your ability to drive, read and cook, or when your Optometrist cannot improve your vision by changing your prescription glasses. The surgery involves taking out the cloudy lens and replacing it with a new clear plastic one. This is usually performed under Local Anesthetic, and most cases are completed as a day case.

If you have any concerns with when you should have the surgery, your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist may be able to discuss this with you, and plan your future intervention.

We have included some links below if you would like to read further on the subject. Please contact our Personal Advisory Team to discuss the process and how we might assist you in the future.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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