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I have recently had some blood tests taken as I had visited my GP with a number of symptoms. I was told all the results were normal, however, after requesting a print out because I had no answers and still had symptoms some of them are slightly out of range and I would like some advice - I believe this is part of our policy. Haematocrit 0.389 (range 0.4-0.5), Basophil count 0.10 (range less than 0.1). Serum Ferritin 199 (range 22-133). For info I am hypothyroid on 100mcg Thyroxine. My symptoms were extreme fatigue, tongue swelling, fingers swelling (water retention??), frequent ulcers, general muscle weakness and aches, skin problems (dry but with boils), frequent foul wind, headaches, frequent twitchy eye. Thank you

5 May 2016

Thank you for your question about your recent blood test results.  Your recent blood tests require your general practitioner to interpret them for you.  There are a number of important considerations when interpreting blood tests, some of these include:-

Blood test results may require a ‘trend’ of an increasing or decreasing value over a period of time.  If we repeat your blood tests, the next set of results may find some of your results within the normal ranges cited by the laboratory.  This is especially so, if the results are just outside the normal ranges.

Blood tests can produce false negatives and false positives and this is why blood tests should be interpreted in conjunction with other blood test results and the establishment of an elevated or decreased trend (repeat the  blood tests).

Blood tests results need to be evaluated in relation to your symptoms and medical conditions such as the hypothyroidism that you have mentioned.  They also need to be interpreted in relation to your age and sex.

Sometimes there can be interfering factors which alter the test results.  For example eating red meat, inflammatory conditions and iron preparations may increase ferritin levels.  Medications can interfere with test results, for example antibiotics may decrease hematocrit levels.

We hope the following information has been helpful?  A good basic explanation of what some of your blood tests results mean can be found on uk, follow the links from the NHS choices websites cited below.

Best wishes,

Registered Nurse

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