Are these normal symptoms of labyrinthitis?

I have had labyrinthitis for 10 weeks now, I am still dizzy all the time and cannot bend my head back or turn my head when laying down without the room spinning. I also feel very tired and find it hard to focus on my computer. I'm beginning to get depressed, are these normal symptoms?

15 January 2015

In most cases, the symptoms of labyrinthitis pass within a few weeks. Management of condition involves a combination of bed rest and medication to help you cope better with the symptoms. In some cases you may need additional medication to fight the underlying infection.

A small number of people have persistent symptoms that last for several months, or possibly years. These people will require a more intensive type of treatment called vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT). This treatment attempts to "retrain" the brain to cope with the altered signals that come from the vestibular system of the inner ear. As symptoms are persisting I suggest you discuss further with your GP and request a referral to an ENT specialist. Hopefully this will help you.

Answered by Health at Hand nurses.


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