Who can make the best ‘Pancake Face’?

28 February 2011

Who can make the best pancake face

Pancakes are delicious to eat any time of the year and not just on Shrove Tuesday. Making pancakes with your children is a great way of getting them involved with cooking and can even help encourage healthy eating.

Given the chance, most children enjoy having a go at cooking and making pancakes is fun and easy. There’s also the added thrill of tossing the pancake, although this shouldn’t be done without the help of an adult – after all, there’s nothing worse than scraping a sticky pancake off the ceiling.

As a starting point, youngsters can help read out the ingredients, select the right items and weigh things. Seeing how to use scales and weigh items help promote mathematical skills, as well as an understanding of why the right balance of ingredients is important.

Practical tasks, such as whisking the mixture, pouring out the batter and cooking the pancakes, are all fun – but so is choosing the toppings.

Sweet or savoury, pancakes can be a healthy and satisfying meal with the right choices. Getting children involved in choosing the toppings and creating flavour combinations is a great way of encouraging creativity and also helping them learn how to make healthy food choices and eat a balanced diet.

For example, a good helping of mixed fruits on a pancake can be topped off with a small amount of chocolate sauce as a treat or sprinkle savoury tomato and vegetable pancakes with grated cheese.

Getting the balance right is something children often struggle with, so reinforcing the message when they’re young, through cooking, provides a great start to understanding healthy eating.