Stomach pain and multiple myeloma

Does the stomach usually hurt when you have this type of cancer (Myeloma)?

2 March 2017

Thank you for contacting us with your question, Myeloma as you probably know is a cancer that arises from and affects the bone marrow, specifically the plasma cells within the marrow. Because of this the symptoms experienced with this type of cancer tend to be persistent bone pain and aches. Other symptoms that can be experienced with Myeloma are tiredness and weakness, shortness of breath, particularly if anaemia is present, weak bones that can fracture easily, repeated infections and, less commonly, bruising and unusual bleeding such as from the nose and gums,

You can also read more about the symptoms of myeloma here;

Multiple myeloma - NHS

While stomach pain isn’t thought to be a symptom of Myeloma there is some anecdotal evidence that Myeloma sufferers can experience stomach pain, this may be related to the treatment they are receiving for their Myeloma or there may be a connection with the pelvic region and lower back where pain can refer through from. . Either way if you are experiencing a new symptom such as stomach pain which is lasting and have been diagnosed with Myeloma then it would be sensible to have a chat with your treating Doctor about this, they will be able to examine you and determine if it is due to the Myeloma or arising from a separate cause.

We are also enclosing a link for you to Myeloma UK where you will find more information and support which you may find useful to read,


We do hope this information will be helpful and wish you the best of luck,

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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