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Blocked nose

I have always had a bit of difficulty breathing through my nose. My nose feels like it is blocked most of the year. I am an AXA member and want it fixed please. My father had a simple procedure which has helped him ever since.

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The answer

Difficulty breathing through the nose and feeling blocked can be due to many causes. It can be due to swelling of the lining of the nose (as seen in hay fever), nasal septal deformities, nasal polyps, blockages at the back of the nose, enlarged adenoids (children), foreign bodies etc.

Treatment is offered after a full history, examination and diagnosis. Under the circumstances given that you are understandably wanting to receive treatment you can make an appointment with your GP to discuss this and to ask for an ENT referral ( Ear nose and Throat Specialist).

Once the referral is agreed you will be able to contact your Personal Advisory team at AXA to arrange to see someone.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses

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