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Jason asked...

White spots on the side of my tongue


I keep getting white spots on the side of my tongue and the inside of my lips they are extremely painful and I have been to my dentist and they don't know I have also had blood tests which are normal it is causing me a lot of pain and it is extremely difficult to eat and drink with them

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The answer

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain and difficulty eating and drinking with these white spots.

The most common white spots found in the mouth are mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers appear if an area of the mouth has a trauma (bitten cheek for instance) but can also flare up during stress. Most mouth ulcers usually heal and disappear after two week.

However, your dentist has advised you that they are unsure of what the white spots are as they are causing you pain and difficulty eating and drinking. As you have symptoms and your dentist is unsure of the diagnosis, it is advisable to talk to your dentist or GP about a referral to an Oral Maxillofacial specialist to have this investigated, so that a diagnosis can be reached and appropriate treatment given.

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Answered by the Health at Hand nurses