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How can I stop my legs cramping?

I get cramp in my legs every night in bed. Is there a cure? I have to jump out of bed almost every night.

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

Leg cramps are usually caused by a spasmodic reaction in the muscles, usually the legs, and are more prominent onset at night time.

There are many reasons when & why the cramps can occur, and they are experienced due to some of the following reasons;

  • Fitness enthusiasts & frequent runner following or during exercise
  • Reduced intake of salt and Electrolytes in your diet
  • Long periods of time in the same position (for example sitting, driving)
  • Not enough physical movement / exercise
  • Reduced salts and electrolytes

Things that you may find helpful to assist with management of the muscle cramps.

  • Increase the amount of salt in your diet (try to stick to a sea salt rather than a table salt. Please be aware of the guidelines for Salt intake).
  • Increase the amount of exercise that you take during in the week.
  • Gentle stretches of calf muscles during cramping episodes
  • Some people find rubbing the area firmly to reduce the spasm beneficial, with or without a muscle rub.
  • An addition of drinking Tonic Water has been reported to be of benefit regarding muscle cramps.
  • Some Health food supplements have been reported t aid the reduction of muscle cramps.

We have included the following link if you would like to read more information regarding this condition.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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