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Headaches for 3 weeks

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I have had headaches for the last 3 weeks, can be on the side of my head, back and across my forehead, sometimes behind my right eye. It comes with pressure of the eyes, nose and head and I have also experienced loss of balance for a week. It is causing me to be anxious and stressed which doesn't help, my teeth also chatter in my sleep so I doubt this will help. I am taking eye drops and paracetamol and neither are helping however paracetamol dulls it slightly, I am drinking I am drinking plenty of water. I find it hurts my eyes to focus on anything like reading. I am getting worried that it is something serious.

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The answer

Thank you for your question.

Headaches have many causes, some more serious than others.

We are pleased to read that you are drinking plenty of water, as dehydration is usually one of the more common causes of headaches.

From what you have described, there are a few things we would like to highlight.

  • You have expressed that you sometimes have difficulty with your visual focus. It is unclear if you currently wear glasses to assist your vision, but if you have not had a recent eye test, it may be suggested that you organized one to rule out any visual issues which may be causing the headaches.
  • Any loss of balance may be associated with an inner Ear issue or problem. In this case I would suggest that as well as getting an Eye examination from the Optician, I think that it would be recommended to make an appointment with your GP to discuss the symptoms that you have been experiencing.
  • It may help to distinguish if your symptoms are brought on by any external stimuli, for instance, use of a computer, watching television, use of a mobile phone, long periods of driving at night. I would suggest keeping a written record of headache onset and anything that happened prior to this, to assist your GP with their investigations.
  • Any long term symptoms that recur would always need to be investigated by your GP, therefore you should contact then=m to discuss these symptoms.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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