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Calf pain when running

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About a year ago I pulled up while running, with a sharp pain in my calf. It stopped me in my tracks leaving to limp home. Since then I tried running again after a 2 week rest, and a 4 week rest, but each time my calf pain returned forcing me to stop. Having not run for at least 6 months I recently ran a 5K (to join family members). My calf was fine during the run and for the next 2 days, then just as I thought I was in the clear, the pain returned. Could you please advise what could be the cause.

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The answer

Thank you for your message. That’s very unfortunate that you’ve not been able to get pain free with your running despite resting!

Calf or Achilles injuries can be persistent and require often to be fully evaluated to understand the full nature of the injury, including your running style, footwear, foot position and general holistic stance and stamina. It is also important to look at training techniques and running surfaces. We would recommend evaluation by a physiotherapist to ascertain whether it may be a muscle strain, tear or tendonopathy.

We always advise with calf injuries of any sort if you have persistent swelling, redness, heat and pain in the calf to seek medical attention to exclude blood clots. Often you may have to consider other form of exercise i.e. cycling or swimming before the problem resolves fully.

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