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Jo asked...

Bouts of diarrhoea

Hi, I hope you are well. My boyfriend has been getting bouts of diarrhoea and doubled over clutching his stomach, almost in tears with stomach ache on and off for over a year. It gets so bad sometimes he yelps in pain so I give his stomach a rub to try and ease the pain. I am so very worried about him. Thank you.

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The answer

Thank you for your question Jo.

After reading your message, we are concerned regarding your Boyfriend’s symptoms, especially as you describe the length of time he has been experiencing the problem.

It has not been made clear from your question if he has already sought medical intervention for investigations into the cause of the symptoms. We would make a suggestion that your Boyfriend arranges an appointment with his GP, as soon as he is able, to discuss these symptoms further.

It may be suggested that there may be an underlying cause regarding food & drink that may be consumed prior to the onset of symptoms. With this in mind we would recommend a diary to keep a log of food consumed and onset of symptoms.

This may be used to see if there is a link between what is consumed and the onset of symptoms. Your GP will discuss with you any further investigations that they may want to proceed with. There may be a simple underlying cause for the symptoms, but we feel that full investigation would be recommended to rule out anything that may be more serious.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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