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        Our next Live Health Q&A

        The Perils of Gambling

        With advances in technology, the internet has brought gambling into our homes and to our mobile devices, making it harder than ever for those struggling to resist the temptation to gamble. But do you know how to get help or spot an addiction? Our expert is here to answer your questions about gambling.

        Who? Eugene Farrell

        When? Wednesday 19th April - 1pm - 2pm

        How? Come back to this page on the 19th April where a link will appear and you can join the chat!

        Coming Soon...

        Walk Towards Wellness

        It’s National Walking Month! Do you walk 10,000 steps a day? Why should you? Our expert is here to answer your questions about the health risks of a sedentary lifestyle

        Who? Alex Read

        When? Wednesday 19th May - 1pm - 2pm

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