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        We host regular Live Health Q&A sessions on a range of topics relating to your health and wellbeing. The process is simple; submit your question online (via keyboard) for a real time response, with no camera needed.

        Our live Q&A themes change monthly so keep checking this page for opportunities to get your questions answered.

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        Subject - Time to Talk about Mental Health

        How - Come back to this page at the above date where a link will appear and you can join the chat!

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        Ask the expert is a free service to both our members and non-members. If you can't find the information you are looking for on our website, you can submit your health questions to us using the link below. Our Health at Hand nurses will post a response via our website.


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        Although we can't diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medicine, we can give the latest information about specific illnesses and conditions, treatments and medicine and can provide help and support on general health issues. 

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      • Clinical Research

        Clare has always had a passion for both medicine and investigating. After working as a nurse in A&E, cardiac rehabilitation and acute medical care, her natural inquisitiveness and dedication for caring for people led her to our medical research team. If you would like to hear more about how our experts look after our members take a look at our range of videos.

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        Our team of healthcare professionals, specialising in family health, have expert knowledge of physical, psychological and behavioural problems, and can provide support and guidance on general health issues, upcoming operations and worries about your children or other relatives.

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