Frequently asked questions

31 December 2011


Because we know you’ll have lots of questions about your care options, such as:

What alternatives are there to a care home?
Who does and doesn’t have to pay for the cost of living in a care home?
What rights do I have to choose a care home?

We recommend you download this free Care Home Handbook which has been published by Counsel and Care – a national charity working with older people, their families and carers.


Supported by the Department of Health, this 56-page handbook provides vital information for anyone who may be considering care in a care home. It sets out clearly, the rights you have, the choices you can make depending on your situation, and the control and independence you should be able to retain throughout. It will guide you through the different options available for funding care and gives advice on how to choose a care home that suits your individual needs.

There is a caveat on the first page of the booklet which says

If you are reading this handbook after March 2011, check with Counsel and Care or your local council to find out the latest allowances, benefits and savings thresholds. You will be advised if an updated version of this handbook is available.