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Theresa asked...

Should you keep front teeth to maintain memory?

Tags: Dementia , Dental , Teeth

My landlady is considering getting Dentures and I read somewhere that you should keep your 2 front teeth (Central Incisors) in order to keep your memory and intelligence. Is there any truth to this and can I get an article on the subject for her?

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The answer

Dentures are normally considered an option to replace missing teeth (usually at least a few teeth) to improve aesthetics and/or function.

If there are healthy teeth present it is always important to keep them because they can help to stabilise the denture and increase retention.

I am not aware of any studies that link memory or intelligence to keeping/losing front teeth. I have attached a link from the British Dental Association that gives general information about dentures and the alternatives.http://www.bdasmile.org/fiftyplus/fiftyplus.cfm?contentID=1275.

Answered by Dr Sej Patel.


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