Abnormal blood test results

Hi, I had a medical exam outside of the UK in April. There were a few abnormal results. Can you advise me if I should book an appointment with my GP to have a further check? These were my results: 1. High KET and Protein in Urine 2. Blood test: A bit low White Blood Cell (3.2, normal range 3.5-9.5), LYM low (0.84, range 1.1-3.2), low PDW (12.8, range 15-20) 3. multiple gall stone

11 August 2015

The analysis of your blood tests depends on a variety of factors, these include: false positives, a trend in the results, the grouping of associated blood tests, and how your symptoms correspond  with the symptoms that you are experiencing.  You will need  to discuss again the results of your blood tests with your general practitioner.

What we can say in general is that the following tests looks at some of the following issues.

White Blood Cell Count: this  looks at the presence of an infection, allergy or bone marrow disorder, along with many other diseases and conditions.

Protein: this may help diagnose  liver diseases, kidney diseases and  many other diseases.

Ketones  in urine:  these are found  due to fat metabolism.  Ketones can be monitored for detecting insufficient insulin and therefore diabetes or  diabetic ketoacidosis. Not eating enough calories or from vomiting due to illness.

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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