• Health and Wellbeing centres

      Own Your Fears

      It’s normal to have fears about your health.

      Everyone does.

      But some people are able to turn them into motivation to improve their wellbeing.

      We’ve been looking into how this works, and how you could do it too.

    • Health and Wellbeing centres

      Health Tech & You Awards

      Technology is transforming the way we monitor, screen, diagnose and treat health problems.

      Check out the AXA Health Tech & You Awards website to read about the competition for 2018.

      Who will be this year’s finalists and the innovators shaping the future of healthcare?

    • Health and Wellbeing centres


      Do you need to see a GP but can’t find the time?

      We are making use of today’s technology to make your life easier.

      Our Doctor@Hand service, delivered by Doctor Care Anywhere, offers a doctor appointment by video or phone at a time that suits you.

    • Health and Wellbeing centres


      ActivePlus is the place to shop online for all your health needs.

      There are treats for pampering and treatments for ailments, plus gear to make you look good.

      Whether you want a product to help you get a better night’s sleep or are looking for weekend getaway with someone special, visit our website to see the latest offers.

    • The articles and factsheets on our website provide details of a variety of medical and health related conditions and treatments. Some of these may not be covered by private medical insurance, so please contact us if you’d like information about what is and isn’t covered under our plans.