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    Health Hub ImageYou may think that you are the responsible one in the family, but our latest research suggests that it’s often the younger generation looking after the old when it comes to healthy lifestyle. If you’ve ever been nagged by your child to drink less wine, or get out for a run, the feedback says that you’re not alone. What else did we discover? Read the feedback to find out.

    Dr Chris Tomkins, head of proactive health at AXA PPP healthcare, commented: “We know that many people in their forties and fifties are not taking their health seriously enough, ignoring health concerns that could lead to future issues. In contrast the younger generation are making healthier lifestyle choices due to the increased awareness of healthy living, putting them in a great position to dish out the advice to their parents.”

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  • The articles and factsheets on our website provide details of a variety of medical and health related conditions and treatments. Some of these may not be covered by private health care, so please contact us if you’d like information about what is and isn’t covered under our plans.

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