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    Spring is here...

    A change in season offers the perfect opportunity to set yourself a new challenge. So why not make the most of the lighter evenings and take up a new sporting activity? Making simple changes to your lifestyle could make a big difference to your health.

    And with the Easter holidays upon us you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover five good reasons why chocolate can be good for you. Great news for chocolate lovers!

    With all this talk of sweet treats it's important to remember to look after your teeth, so brush up on your oral health with our dental health centre and keep your teeth strong.

    Got a health question you’re looking for an answer to? Ask our panel of experts.

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I have diastasis recti.

This is a condition which mainly occurs for some women during pregnancy.

Why does my mother get such cold hands?

There can be several reasons for your mother’s cold hands.

Recommended heart rate during exercise.

The heart rate during moderate exercise is about 50-69% of your maximum heart rate.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

There can be a number of different causes for the pain...

I have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Fosamax is a branded formulation of alendronic acid.

I am concerned about my fertility.

It can sometimes take a while for certain types of contraception to stop working.

Numbness in my tongue.

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing this problem.

My two year old is always scratching herself.

There has been some recent evidence to suggest that Aqueous cream...

Experiencing bloating and discomfort.

Bloating and discomfort is very commonly seen these days.