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    • Natiobnal Fitness Day

      Latest... National Fitness Day 2017

      On Wednesday 27th September we’re excited to be supporting National Fitness Day. With our Flying Start campaign, we’re encouraging the nation to get active before they start their working day.

      Research suggests that workers who start the day being active enjoy lower stress levels, are better decision makers, have more energy, and (what your family and colleagues might notice the most) are happier. Joining in couldn’t be simpler. To find out how, visit...

    • Health and Wellbeing centres

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    • Health and Wellbeing centres

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    • Health and Wellbeing centres

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    • The articles and factsheets on our website provide details of a variety of medical and health related conditions and treatments. Some of these may not be covered by private medical insurance, so please contact us if you’d like information about what is and isn’t covered under our plans.