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What stress could cause bruxism?

Bruxism can either be considered ‘primary’ or ‘secondary’...

I've a problem with irregular bowel movement.

Irregular bowel movement can be managed...

Are raspberry ketons safe to use?

There is currently no evidence that raspberry ketones are safe.

Can prostate stones affect fertility?

Prostate stones are a common finding in men.

Dealing with depression: Apr 14

Dr Mark Winwood answers your questions around dealing with depression.

I have a benign ectopic heart beat.

An arrhythmia refers to any abnormal beating activity...

I get heart flutters.

Heart flutters or the sensation of the heart fluttering in the chest is not uncommon.

I have developed a terrible cough.

There are a surprising number of causes...

I sprained my ankle at the gym.

For such injuries it is suggested resting the ankle...