Health age loss is AXA PPP healthcare’s gain

17 December 2018

Nicola Mohns

Nicola Mohns, Head of Intermediary and Corporate Marketing for AXA PPP


It’s Health and Wellness Gold for AXA PPP healthcare and its in-house creative design agency, Oliver, at the Direct Marketing Association’s 2018 awards.

The healthcare company’s 50,000 Years younger together campaign took the top spot for strategy, creativity and results in making corporate Britain healthier.

Designed to inspire and support healthier lifestyle choices and mitigate some of the key health risks facing people today, 50,000 Years uses AXA PPP’s Health Age Calculator to provide employees with a picture of their current health age and gives them practical support to make health-improving changes to reduce it.

To date, participating employers have pledged to shave close to 12,000 years off the collective health age of their employees. And employees have responded by reeling in over 6,500 years – and counting – from the health age they registered when they began.

Nicola Mohns, Head of Intermediary and Corporate Marketing for AXA PPP, said: “We’re dedicated to supporting employers by helping their employees to lead healthy, productive lives.

“50,000 Years does just that by engaging individuals and providing an ongoing, tailored programme of support with a health age focus that motivates and evidences progress every employee – and business – makes.”