Family health insurance

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    • AXA PPP healthcare has been looking after members since 1940 – that’s longer than the NHS. We were the first insurer to offer private healthcare cover to the whole family and we pioneered low-cost plans that made quality healthcare accessible to millions of people.

    • Family Health Insurance

      Family healthcare insurance from AXA PPP healthcare.

      Family health insurance is that extra peace of mind for your family’s health, giving you and your loved ones access to eligible treatment and diagnosis when you need it the most. Using the same award winning Personal Health plan product as individual members, you get:

      • Access to our enhanced family and children’s cover making sure that your family get the eligible treatment they need when they need it.
      • New-borns covered for free on your plan until the next renewal.
      • 24/7 Health@Hand service from our nurses and counsellors over the phone.
      • Access to our Fast Track Appointments service so you and your family can get swift access to eligible treatment.
      • Dedicated support from our cancer nurses, over the phone, through treatment, diagnosis and recovery.

      We also realise that when your family is fit and well you want to make a million memories and make sure you can do what you can to stay in good health. So, as an AXA PPP healthcare member you get discount through our partner Active + on things like Red Letter days and nutrition products.

    • Our family health insurance plan is built on our Personal Health plan which is a modular product, allowing you a choice of options that you can mix and match to suit your family's needs.

      Please note that there may be restrictions in cover depending on the medical history of yourself and any family members included on the plan.

      How we cover existing medical conditions

      Moratorium underwriting

      A moratorium is a set period of time when we won't cover you for the treatment of any medical conditions that you had suffered from before you took out your plan. There's no need to provide information about your medical history when you join.

      For the first two years, medical conditions you’ve had in the last five years, and in some cases other specified conditions will be excluded from cover. However, as long as you're completely free of any form of treatment or advice for that condition for a consecutive 24 month period after you join, you'll be covered for it in the future within the benefits of your plan. You'll be provided with more information about this when you join.

      Standard out-patient

      Up to three specialist consultations a year as an out-patient. No yearly limit on diagnostic tests like x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests, and practitioner charges referred by a specialist. Practitioners include nurses, dieticians, orthoptists and speech therapists.

      Full out-patient

      No yearly limit for specialist consultations and diagnostic tests (x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests) and practitioner charges referred by a specialist. Practitioners include nurses, dieticians, orthoptists and speech therapists.

      Extended cover

      Up to £500 a year for Private GP consultations. Extended cover for treatment at any hospital, day-patient unit or scanning centre in the UK, even if outside of our Hospital Directory. Overseas cover up to the cost of equivalent eligible UK treatment.

      Therapies cover

      Covers you for up to a maximum of 10 sessions per year for GP referred physiotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. Further sessions are available (as long as we agree them first) if you are referred by a specialist. You also get access to Working Body so if you haven’t seen your GP, you can arrange a call with a physiotherapist to get the right advice and treatment for you.

      Mental health cover

      Cover for in-patient, day-patient and out-patient treatment of mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. Out-patient specialist consultations are also covered. In addition, treatment with psychologists, psychotherapists and cognitive behavioural therapists which include:

      • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
      • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT)
      • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

      are covered if a specialist oversees your treatment.

      To see which psychiatric hospitals are in our Directory of Hospitals visit our members’ pages.

      Dentist and optician cash back

      80% of dentist charges, up to £300 a year. 80% of the cost of prescription glasses and contact lenses that you need to correct your sight, up to £140 a year. Plus, an additional £25 each year for an eye test.

      Travel cover

      Cover towards the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad – choose either European or Worldwide Travel cover. Includes cover for loss of personal baggage (up to £1,500), emergency dental treatment and loss of passport. Adventure sports upgrade also available.

      Lowering the cost

      If you want greater control over the cost of your plan, you can add an excess, include our Six-week rule or do both.

      Add an excess

      You can bring down your monthly subscription by chipping in if you need to make a claim. Your excess could be as low as £100, and you’ll only be asked to pay once a year for each person who claims.

      Six-week option

      With this option, you’ll be treated by the NHS if they can treat you within six weeks of when the treatment is needed. If the wait is longer, you’ll be able to have eligible private treatment straight away. So you could avoid waiting lists and save up to 25% on your monthly subscription.

      Further savings when you renew

      Our best ever no claims discount rewards you with savings for every year you don’t need to make a claim. All claims under the therapies option, along with some other benefits, will not affect your no claims discount.

      Pay yearly and save 5%

      If you pay a year’s subscription in one go, we’ll give you 5% off.

      Click here to find out more about saving on the cost of private health insurance.

      What’s not covered?

      Our Personal Health plan does not cover;

      • Pregnancy and childbirth
      • Charges when treatment is received outside of our directory of hospitals unless you are covered by our Extended Cover option
      • Any treatment incurred as a result of engaging in or training for any sport for which you receive a salary or monetary reimbursement, including grants or sponsorship (unless you receive travel costs only)
      • Any long term treatment of long term (chronic) conditions.

      Our Personal Health plan will not cover the following unless you choose the relevant options;

      • Dental procedures
        You can choose the Dentist and optician cash back option to receive money back for some of the costs charged by your dentist or optician.
      • Out-patient diagnostic tests and out-patient consultations
        You can choose from one of our two out-patient options for cover for out-patient consultations, diagnostic tests and practitioner charges.
      • Psychiatric treatment
        You can choose the Mental health cover to have treatment with psychiatrists, psychologists and cognitive behavioural therapists covered.
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      AXA PPP healthcare have been named the Best Direct Healthcare Provider for the 5th year running in the Your Money Awards.

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