Cancer CashCover for Daily Record readers

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    • A cancer diagnosis is the last thing anyone wants to receive. But should it happen, Cancer CashCover is the simple, affordable way to help support you and your family financially.Daily Record

      • Choose from three levels of cover
      • Monthly subscriptions from £5.99. With our £60,000 level of cover from as little as £9.99.*
      • Telephone support from our Dedicated Cancer Nurses from diagnosis
      • Access licensed cancer drugs when they are not available to you on the NHS
      • Children under 18 covered FREE
      • First month FREE

      *Based on a 30 year old non-smoker with no family history of cancer.

    • Dedicated Cancer Nurses

      Cancer CashCover also offers telephone help and support from our Dedicated Cancer Nurses.

      ‘I had my dedicated nurse just a call away. I am sure the way I was treated helped me to a full recovery. Thank you everyone.’
      Mrs Hodgins, Hertfordshire

      ‘I would like to say my AXA PPP nurse has always been very helpful and understanding and it is like talking to a friend. Thank you.’
      Mrs Tappenden, Essex

    • What's covered

      Cash payments

      Depending on your chosen level of cover, you’ll receive a cash payment of £15,000, £30,000 or £60,000 if you’re diagnosed with cancer after three months of taking out Cancer CashCover.

      By ‘cancer’ we mean the presence of tumours that consist of cells we know are malignant, due to characteristics which can be shown microscopically. These cells can multiply and spread to other parts of the body uncontrollably – cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, bowel cancer and cancers of the blood (also known as leukaemia).

      Please note: if, at the time you join the plan, your parents, brothers or sisters have been diagnosed with cancer before the age of 50, you’ll receive a reduced cash payment of £7,500, £15,000 or £30,000 depending on your level of cover. This includes skin cancer unless it was classified as non-melanoma skin cancer.

      In addition to the cover above, we’ll pay £1,000 on first diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer. Claiming for non-melanoma skin cancer doesn’t affect your eligibility to claim the larger cash payment.

      The cash benefits are one-off payments and can only be claimed once per person covered by the plan.

      Dedicated Cancer Nurses

      You’ll have access to our Expert Help service, which gives you 24-hour telephone support from our team of healthcare experts, including Dedicated Cancer Nurses and counsellors. They’re ready to help whether you want to talk about a specific health worry, medication or simply need a little guidance and reassurance.

      If you’re looking to go on a cancer drugs trial, our Dedicated Cancer Nurses can work alongside you and your cancer specialist to provide additional information, guidance and emotional support.

      Access to cancer drugs

      Not all new cancer drugs are routinely funded by the NHS. With some cancer drugs costing £90,000 per patient, they may decide the drug is too expensive*. With Cancer CashCover, if your specialist prescribes a licensed cancer drug that the NHS won't fund for you, we'll pay for the drug and any costs related to administering it.

      Where appropriate, we’ll arrange for you to receive these drugs in the comfort of your own home, from a qualified and experienced healthcare professional.

      If you have private health insurance, we recommend that you review what’s covered as this plan may duplicate some of the cover you have for licensed cancer drugs not available on the NHS. You won’t be able to claim for this benefit from both plans.

      *National Institute of Health Care and Excellence (NICE)

      What isn’t covered?

      Below are the main exclusions of the plan. For more information, please refer to the membership handbook.

      Cancer CashCover doesn’t cover the less advanced cancers, such as early stage prostate cancer or carcinoma in situ (an early stage cancer in which the disease is confined to the cells where it first appeared).

      We’ll refund any Cancer CashCover subscriptions you’ve paid and you won’t be covered by the Cancer CashCover plan if, within the first three months of taking out the plan, you:

      • are diagnosed with cancer; or
      • Have signs, symptoms or investigations relating to an illness which is later diagnosed as cancer

      If you have any signs or symptoms of cancer in the first three months of your plan, please don’t delay in seeking medical advice and treatment.


  • Call us on 0800 389 3686 or get a quote online

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