Prevention the key to a healthier future?

26 April 2017

From stress to musculoskeletal disorders from long latency disease to common colds, we know ill health is a problem for every section of society. If not cared for people will feel less fulfilled, lethargic, less resilient and unhappy. Wise employers are recognising this, more than ever, and seeking to drive greater health awareness and focus on what’s right for individuals to help them improve their wellbeing and be their best.

Watch our recorded webinar with our host Ray Freer (Wellbeing Consultant AXA PPP healthcare) in a discussion with Dr. Chris Tomkins (COO Proactive Health, AXA PPP healthcare), Tim Bliss (Strategic Relationship Manager, AXA PPP healthcare) and Nickie Hursthouse (Clinical Lead, LiveSmart) as they explore how a health and wellbeing strategy can best support a healthier business.