Building a wellbeing culture together

11 October 2018

Your business is as unique as your people. That’s why we take time to understand your organisation and partner with you to create strategies that drive ever-improving wellbeing.

Wellbeing means ensuring your team bring their “best selves” to work, every day. We do that by helping people across the Five Drivers of Wellbeing: Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle and Health.

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An ever-improving Wellbeing Cycle

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Your free Wellbeing Cycle Review

Together, through our Wellbeing Cycle we’ll create a shared wellbeing ambition for your business (be that big or small, short or long-term). We’ll work with you to identify the gaps in your existing programme to continuously engage all whilst find the employees that need help the most, and quickly intervene to get them the support they need. We all know staying motivated and on-track with your wellbeing journey can be testing, That’s why together we can unlock the power to help everyone bring their best self to work. 

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Expert Insight: Creating a happy and healthy workplace

Developing health and wellbeing so it becomes engrained into the fabric of your business, keeps momentum and helps people bring their best selves to work is no mean feat. So what are the challenges still blocking organisations up and down the country? What are the current and future needs of organisations like your own?
AXA PPP healthcare has undertaken an extensive piece of research to understand what’s on the health and wellbeing agenda for organisations like yours, and where the challenges lie.

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Time: 10:45
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Theatre Session: Happier and healthier workforces, can your current approach to wellbeing deliver?

There is now a greater realisation that when your people are healthy, they’re happier, more confident and better motivated. After all, they’re what makes your business tick. So, how do you choose the right strategic approach to meet your people’s needs and keep your people at their best and what are the secrets to measuring success.

Presenter: Dr Chris Tomkins, COO Proactive Health, AXA PPP healthcare
Location: Experience and Wellbeing arena in the exhibition hall

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