Wellbeing at work

    • Wellbeing at work

      Our effective approach to health and wellbeing services can help your workforce thrive. AXA PPP healthcare’s Proactive Health services and solutions enable employers to do more to inspire wellbeing and build a sustainable health culture based on evidence and ROI. Our services and solutions can be used to complement your existing activity or be tailored to give your business complete programme management.

      We know there’s no single solution for health, so an affordable and effective approach to health and wellbeing should include a number of key elements:

      • Contact

        *Lines are open 9.00am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.
        We may record and/or monitor calls for quality assurance, training and as a record of our conversation.

      • Already a client?

        To discuss our workplace wellbeing services simply contact your dedicated AXA PPP healthcare Account Manager.

      • Market leading digital engagement

        We all know that healthy employees are better for business. The challenge lies in keeping them engaged in wellbeing over a meaningful period of time.

        • The Proactive Health Gateway is a single online health and wellbeing destination for your people, easily accessible via web or app
        • Our all-new interactive Health Age Calculator makes sophisticated calculations to work out your employee’s AXA Health Age based on key health factors
        • Biobeats in association with AXA PPP healthcare, delivering biometric insight about the wellbeing of employees in real-time
      • Health assessments, coaching and wellbeing events

        Qualified and experienced personnel to help inspire, motivate and support change through:

        • Activities and assessments at your locations
          • Know Your Numbers – quick personal assessments for all
          • Health kiosks
          • Wellness seminars
          • Wellbeing roadshows
        • Smart targeted coaching to those who need it most, making the best use of your budget

      • Effective communications and campaigns

        Sustained engagement requires continued and effective communication. From the launch of your programme to promotion of every initiative, we'll be on hand to increase awareness and help generate a buzz.

        • Promotional toolkits for launching the plan to inform, motivate and educate
        • Development and support of internal health champions
        • Access to our Health and Wellbeing Calendar

      • We’re here to help our clients engage their employees in health and wellbeing, whilst supporting them in meeting their business objectives along the way.

        • Build an energised, resilient and motivated workforce for today and tomorrow.
        • Increased productivity and staff retention.
        • Support high risk colleagues to make changes that will help to reduce their health risks.
        • Make health and wellbeing fun and engaging for your colleagues.
        • ROI model so you can share the value you are creating with senior stakeholders.
      • Health Wellbeing strategy whitepaper Download our whitepaper: Realising the value of your health and wellbeing strategy

        To learn more about AXA PPP healthcare’s approach to health and wellbeing strategies download our free whitepaper: ‘Realising the value of your health and wellbeing strategy’, where you can learn more about:

        • AXA PPP healthcare’s BEST guidelines
        • Key components in developing your health and wellbeing strategy
        • Health and wellbeing hot topics
        • Helping your workforce thrive

        Download whitepaper

    • Your business, your programme

      One of the first questions we always ask is “what do you want your health and wellbeing initiatives to achieve?”

      You may have a clearly defined set of aims and objectives already, you may be starting to piece them together – or maybe you’re simply not sure where to begin.

      Whatever point you’re at, Proactive Health is about helping you to work out your objectives and then structuring the most appropriate programme tailored to your organisation.

      With Proactive Health, your colleagues are supported during every step of their journey by a combination of activities and insight that moves them from awareness through to behaviour change, with an emphasis of targeting those most in need. Across our clients this approach has consistently delivered better health outcomes.

      Wellbeing at work strategy flow

      Our experts in organisational wellbeing will work with you to develop your strategy and programme.

      • We’ll help you to look again at your current initiatives.
      • We’ll establish connections between existing activities.
      • We’ll invest time in setting clear aims and objectives so that you’re ready to review your investment and measure success.
      • We’ll ensure you have considered the role of communication and how you bring the programme to life internally.
      • Finally, we’ll rationalise, address and continually review where you’re investing money and resource based on the reports of outcomes and ROI.