Chair politics – the struggle is real!

    • Workers in Britain are racking up an average of nine hours sitting-time a day – and when they're not in a chair or aching because of one, they're falling out with others over them.

      We surveyed 2000 workers and found that nearly half (46%) sit at work for 4-6 hours per day. This time increases to 9 hours per day when you take into account the daily commute, and leisure time. In fact, it seems we are so attached to our chairs, that 4/10 surveyed have had a disagreement over a seat.

      With so much time spent being sedentary it’s not surprising that over seven out of ten respondents reported suffering from musculoskeletal problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain.

      Jan Vickery, Head of Musculoskeletal Services for AXA PPP healthcare, has this advice: “We cannot escape from the fact that many of us do much of our day-to-day business on our bottoms. For the sake of our health we need to break the sedentary cycle. Employees – and their employers – should be aware that adopting and developing better habits can make a big difference. Making a point of getting up and about every half hour – whether to speak with a colleague or just to stretch your legs should help you to feel more energised and productive. Perhaps it’s time to give that old exhortation ‘Bottoms up’ a new lease of life to remind ourselves to get off our chairs more often.”

      Chair politics - the struggle is real!

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