Tips for high heeled health

    • High-heeled shoes are great to wear on a night out or a special occasion, but walking around in them every day can affect your spinal posture and possibly even result in damage to your feet and spine. Avoid wearing them for long periods of time and swap them for flats as often as you can.

      Follow our guide to good heel health and you could save yourself some painful problems down the line.

      Guide to good heel health

      Give your feet a break every now and then

      Because high heels position your feet at an unnatural angle and usually don’t have any cushioning, the impact moves right into your spine every time you take a step. Over time, this can lead not only to pain and discomfort in your back muscles but also put extra strain on your joints. The less you wear your high heels, the less risk of injury, so try to limit how often you use them.

      Think straps and cups

      High heels make you more unstable, so the muscles in your leg and back have to do more work to help you keep your balance, which can also lead to back pain. To prevent this, look for shoes with a cup around the heel and decent straps to provide more stability.

      Give yourself a cushion

      Shoes with cushioning help to absorb the impact of walking. Think about switching to shoes with a lower heel but which also provide some cushioning protection for your feet.

      Wear comfortable shoes to work

      Don’t wear your high heels to work every day or while doing any strenuous tasks. Any added strain will only increase the impact on your legs and back.

      Don’t panic

      You don’t have to throw away all your fashion statement heels. It is OK to wear them sometimes – just make it more occasional than every day.

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