People and productivity

    • People and productivity Taking care of you and your people – your greatest assets

      In a small business, you need all hands on deck. And when everyone looks to you to steer the way, you can’t afford to be letting go of the wheel.

      Making sure everyone can play their part

      We help you and your employees stay healthy so that you lose fewer days to illness and you can be confident that everybody is able to contribute to the success of your business.

      We make it easy for you to get the expert health services you need promptly. And if you should get ill, we can help get you back to work as quickly as possible, fast-tracking you to expert diagnosis and eligible treatment from private doctors and hospitals.

      Making sure you can count on the skills you need

      When you’ve invested time and money in building the skills, knowledge and experience of the people in your business, it makes sense to do all you can to make sure you and your employees are able to be in work. And if there’s just you, that’s even more the case.

      If your machinery breaks, you need it repaired yesterday. Your health is the same. Whilst you may be able to replace your equipment quickly, finding qualified, trained experienced staff that are right for you and your business is far more challenging, even on a temporary basis.

      Protect one and support all

      One of the effects of ill health that’s often not considered is the effect on the colleagues of someone who’s off sick. In a small business, when someone’s not around it can have a huge effect on the people that need to cover for them.

      Even if the poorly person has struggled in to work, others often find they’re having to do more to compensate, which can lead to a stressful environment for your team.

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