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    • Build a tailored healthcare plan to suit your business

      You might decide that you want to cover diagnosis and general treatment, but not physiotherapy or maybe you’ll choose to include mental health cover or dentist and optician cashback. It’s entirely up to you.

      Business Health Select

      1. Start with Core Cover
      2. Add or take away options until you get a plan that fits your business needs

      Out patient options:

      • Standard out-patient OR
      • Enhanced out-patient OR
      • Full out-patient

      More options:

      Therapies + Mental Health + Extra Care + Extended Cover + Extra Cancer Cover + Employee Assistance Programmes

      Additional options:

      Dentist and Optician Cashback + Travel cover

      1. Manage the cost of your plan

      • Excess
      • Six week option
      • Pay yearly
      • Two Year Fix
    • 1. Core cover

      Here’s what’s included in everyone’s Business Health Select plan:

      1. Private hospital or day-patient unit charges and specialist fees whether you stay overnight (in-patient), or are in and out in a day (day-patient). This includes cover for diagnostic tests when referred by a specialist.
      2. In-patient and day-patient diagnostic tests, such as X-rays and blood tests that a specialist refers you for.
      3. Out-patient surgery.
      4. Out-patient MRI, CT and PET scans on specialist referral.
      5. Ambulance transport to transfer you to another medical facility if you are receiving private treatment.
      6. Cash payment if you have out-patient or day-patient chemotherapy or radiotherapy free on the NHS that would've been covered by your plan. You can claim £50 a day up to £2,000 a year.
      7. Out-patient chemotherapy and radiotherapy for active cancer treatment.
      8. Access to Health at Hand, our 24/7 health information phone service staffed by medical teams, including nurses and counsellors.
      9. Discounted access to gym and health clubs nationwide.
    • 2. What’s not covered?

      As with most private healthcare plans, there are some general exclusions and limitations.

      Here are some of the most significant things that your plan won't cover:

      1. Routine pregnancy and childbirth.
      2. Treatment of ongoing, recurrent and long-term conditions (chronic conditions).
      3. Cosmetic treatment.
      4. Treatment needed as a result of training for or taking part in any sport for which you are paid, receive a grant or sponsorship (not counting travel costs) or are competing for prize money.
      5. Treatment of medical conditions you had, or had symptoms of, before you joined.
      6. Fees if you choose to use a hospital that is not in our Directory of Hospitals.
      7. Out-patient drugs and dressing.

      We’ll make you aware of all the exclusions when we speak to you and in our literature so there are no surprises.

    • 3. Choose your out-patient options

      Out-patient treatment is when you’re in and out in a day but not admitted as a day-patient.

      1. Add standard out-patient cover for up to two specialist consultations a year and specialist-referred diagnostic tests with no yearly limit
      2. Add enhanced out-patient cover for a combined yearly limit of £1,000 towards specialist consultations, diagnostic tests (X-rays for example) when your specialist refers you and practitioner fees including nurses, dieticians, orthoptists and speech therapists
      3. Add full out-patient cover for no yearly limit on the number of specialist consultations and diagnostic test charges on specialist referral. This also covers practitioner fees including nurses, dietitians, orthopaedists and speech therapists
    • 4. Choose your options

      1. Add Therapies cover for no yearly limit on fees for physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture and homeopathy - up to an overall 10 sessions in a year on GP referral with specialist referral needed for additional sessions. You'll also have access to our Working Body service.
      2. Add Mental Health cover for treatment of psychiatric conditions.
      3. Add Extra Care for additional support benefits, including a nurse to give you chemotherapy or antibiotics by intravenous drip at home, £100 a night (up to £2,000 a year) when you have free in-patient treatment under under the NHS that would've been covered by your plan, Oral surgery for specified procedures (so long as your dentist refers you) and up to £150 a year in Chiropody fees, as long as your chiropodist is qualified.
      4. Add Extended Cover to enable you to have eligible treatment at any hospital, day-patient unit or scanning centre in the UK that is not listed in our Directory of Hospitals; extra cover for planned and pre-approved treatment received outside of the UK (up to the cost we would pay for equivalent treatment in the UK), extra cover for fee limited specialists and up to £500 a year for fees for visits to a private GP for consultations.
      5. Add Extra Cancer cover which includes no time limit on cancer treatment. We’ll provide cover for cancer no matter what path it takes, and we’ll continue to cover treatment if the cancer becomes terminal.
      6. Add Essential EAP for 24/7 access to telephone counsellors to help with stress, debt, relationship, emotional and legal issues
      7. Or add Premier EAP for up to five sessions with a qualified counsellor or clinical psychologist for complex cases.
    • 5. Choose your additional options

      1. You can include our Dentist and Optician Cashback option for cover towards your routine dental and optical costs
      2. You can add comprehensive travel cover if you or your people are travelling abroad.
    • 6. Manage the cost of your plan

      Control your subscriptions with your excess

      The core plan includes an excess of £100. You can increase that excess to £250 or £500 as a way of controlling your subscription.

      The Six week option

      If you’re comfortable using the NHS but worry about potentially long waiting times, then the Six week option could be for you.

      If in-patient and day-patient treatment or any surgical procedure is available on the NHS within six weeks from the date it should take place, then use the NHS. However if the wait for treatment is more than six weeks from when it should take place, then you can go private straight away. This is called the Six week option. As a guide, choosing this option for each of your employees could save you up to 20% off your annual subscription.

      Choose how you want to pay

      You can save 5% by paying your subscription annually.

      Choose to fix your subscription for two years

      You can choose the reassurance of knowing what subscription you’ll pay for each employee for the next two years (subject to any changes in applicable tax).

    • 7. Understand your underwriting options

      Two-year moratorium

      If you’ve experienced symptoms or been treated for a medical condition in the last five years, you'll only be covered for that condition after:

      • you've been covered by us for two consecutive years (this is the moratorium period)
      • you’ve been completely free of any form of treatment, investigations, medical advice, drugs or medicines or special diets relating to that condition for a consecutive one-year period
      • Medical declaration form not needed.

      Continuing medical exclusions

      Continuing medical exclusions is usually an option if you switch to us from another health insurer. This means that in most cases, we’ll give you the option to continue any medical underwriting that was applied by your previous insurer.

      When you switch, remember that our membership terms will start to apply to your plan and these are likely to be different to those of your previous insurer. If you’re not sure how this might affect your cover, please call us on 0800 389 7413.

      • Medical declaration form not needed.

      Fully underwritten

      Pre-existing medical conditions will be excluded from cover where necessary.

      Medical declaration form needed – we may also ask for a GP medical report.

      Medical history disregarded

      Cover is provided for treatment of previous medical conditions, subject to the membership terms.

      Only available if you cover 15 or more people.

      • Medical declaration form not needed.
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