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    With musculoskeletal health conditions featuring prominently in the causes of both long and short term absence, it’s highly likely that a significant number of your workforce will be affected by a musculoskeletal condition in the next 12 months. To minimise the impact this has on the health and productivity of your colleagues and ultimately your business performance, we recognise that a new approach to managing musculoskeletal conditions is of paramount importance.

    Working Body is a real step change in the way that musculoskeletal disorders are treated. Developed using research undertaken in collaboration with leading clinical institution Queen Mary University of London, our evidenced-based pathway actively tackles the many issues posed by the musculoskeletal system, delivering the fastest possible access to the most appropriate care.

    • Becki, Advanced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

      Becki has been a physiotherapist for 18 years, with her extensive clinical experience means she can pinpoint problems. If the condition can be self-managed, Becki or another of our Working body team can guide you through exercises you can do at home to self-manage your musculoskeletal problem. Or, if needed, they can refer you to see a physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, orthopaedic consultant or refer you for an MRI. If you would like to hear more about how our experts look after our members take a look at our full range of videos.

    • Removing the need for a GP referral

      As soon as your colleagues feel like they’re suffering from a musculoskeletal disorder, they need only make one phone call to start their treatment; without the need for a GP referral.
      Their call will be answered by our Working Body Team, a team of experienced AXA PPP healthcare Physiotherapists, who we have placed at the heart of our pathway.

      The Working Body Team will initially carry out a telephone clinical consultation, which will identify which treatment option is most appropriate. These fall under three areas.

      • Self-Management - we’ll provide the member with guidance on how best to manage their condition.
      • Face-to-face Physiotherapy - with an approved physiotherapist within our network.
      • Specialist referral – in cases where members need to see a specialist or need further treatment.

      Managing cases effectively

      There may be times when conditions are complex or a plan needs revising. In these instances we’re there to case manage your colleague’s musculoskeletal health condition, guiding them through the treatment process and their recovery.

      Delivering treatment and care

      msk pathway 3Our service is provided for through a national network which has been selected to deliver a high standard of quality care, focusing on using the most up to date evidence to provide the most appropriate treatment.

      With a comprehensive network of hospital based clinics, Fitness and Wellbeing sites as well as medical centres, we can ensure that our members will receive quality treatment without having to travel too far. This means that appointments can be kept convenient for work and home.


      Better management of conditions and costs

      msk pathway 1Through our preferred partner network and careful management and input into the treatment pathway, we’ll ensure that your colleagues are being directed to the most appropriate treatment for their condition. This may include self management or a more appropriate use of specialist consultative treatment. This approach is also likely to generate cost savings for you in the form of reduced claims costs.

      Giving your colleagues expert advice and support from the first phone call, without the need for a GP referral, means they won’t need to take unnecessary time off work, reducing the impact on the productivity of your business, as well as reducing absence by facilitating faster access to treatment where it’s needed.

      Choice and flexibility

      msk pathway 6We believe Working Body provides the best member journey for managing musculoskeletal health conditions, at the same time as delivering better financial control for large corporates.  But we understand that some businesses have existing arrangements, such as in-house services that they’d like to maintain.  So we’re flexible in our approach and will work with you and any existing arrangements that you may have in place.More information around Musculoskeletal disorders can be found in our health information section such as ways to boost your bone power as well as general self-help tips for pain.


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