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      When people come into work when sick or do too much overtime we call this Presenteeism. Of course, we’re all required to go the extra mile from time to time. It’s when it becomes a habit or a badge of honour that presenteesim becomes a problem, ultimately leading to tiredness, burnout, more sickness and lower productivity.

      Of the 2,000 employees we surveyed across a range of industries, 57% had turned up to work tired in the three months prior to the survey; 52% of these said it had adversely affected their performance.

      Our white paper explores the mixture of factors causing presenteeism – from heavy workloads to perceptions and attitudes around what’s expected of people in today’s workforce. Drilling down, we looked at four key areas of concern – mental health, overtime, sickness and tiredness, and parental responsibilities.

      In the search for increased productivity and a stronger economy, these insights can help managers to support their people at the same time as improving the results of their business.

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