Mind matters

    • Mind matters

      Here you’ll find viewpoints on a range of mental health topics, from building resilience to managing stress.

      • Mental health at work

        Mental health at work

        Looking after the physical and psychological health of employees should be of paramount importance.

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      • Mental health challenge

        How can a wellbeing strategy meet the mental health challenge?

        Mental ill health is one of the greatest challenges employers face.

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      • managing-stress-related-absence

        Are you doing enough to support the mental health of your workforce?

        Addressing one of the biggest issues affecting the performance and productivity of workers in the UK today.

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      • Manager Guide to resilience image

        Manager Guide to helping employees build resilience

        Our ability to recover from setbacks and deal with change – also known as our resilience – is an essential skill for employees and managers to develop. And with half of the adults we polled agreeing that a low level of resilience can adversely affect work performance*, it’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated in helping your business to thrive.

        *AXA PPP healthcare survey of 2000 UK adults, conducted online in January 2017 by Vitreous World.

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