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      How we’re making healthcare better

       How we’re making healthcare better

      With so much choice and opinion around what’s right and wrong for our health, we share how we’re helping put your employees back in control to make the right, informed choices for them when it comes to their healthcare.

      At AXA PPP healthcare we’re keen not to just react, but provide informed, sustainable and measured solutions when it comes to supporting our clients and their employees’ healthcare.

      Join Kelly Morris, Head of Corporate Client Services, and our experts, Dr Annabel Bentley and Sarah Taylor, Head of Specialist Relations, as they discuss how we’re supporting organisations and putting their employees back in to the driving seat when it comes to making decisions about their health and treatment.

      Webinar will air 11th June at 12:00

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      A rising need, but just how good is your online GP service?

      how good is your online GP service webinar

      Join our panel of experts to find out how the rise of the online GP is satisfying our needs for increased GP presence and flexibility, but raising questions around whether such services are safe and trustworthy. We take a hard look at our own Doctor@Hand service to find out how it’s rising to the trust challenge.

      Take the pain out of managing MSDs in the workplace

      Musculoskeletal disorder image

      With Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WRMSDs) costing the UK economy an estimated £5 billion in 2016 and representing around 41% of all work-related ill-health cases*, what can employers do to reduce the impact and effectively support their employees? Watch our webinar and see if you have a strategy in place that can help your organisation.
      * HSE 2017

      Heart Disease: A ticking time bomb?
      Heart Disease: A ticking time bomb?

      Heart disease is still a leading cause of preventable death and illness in the UK. So, how can businesses support the heart health of their workforce? Our experts take a look at the underlying causes of the condition and review how organisations can support the heart health of their workforce.

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      Are you providing the right mental health support for your employees?
      Providing Mental Health support to employees

      Putting in place a programme that puts mental health on an equal footing to physical health can support employees from the first signs of mental ill health and provide the help and support needed to help build a resilient workforce now and in the future.

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      With around a quarter of the UK’s workforce at significant risk of developing diabetes, join Drs Christine Mason and Chris Tomkins and find out how employers can help buck the trend.

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      Drug and alcohol policy – are you prepared?

      Substance misuse can have a damaging impact on workplace productivity. Join Dr Hazem Gallagher-Alagha as he explores how an effective drug and alcohol policy can benefit employees and employer, safe-guarding health and safety in the workplace.

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      What makes and Occupational Health Referral a success?

      Getting occupational health right makes a real difference to the productivity of your business. In this webinar Dr Yousef Habbab will guide you through the referral process and show you how you can make it a success.

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      Creating a positive approach to mental health

      Mental ill health is a growing problem for UK businesses. In this webinar AXA PPP healthcare explores the pressures, challenges, stigma and solutions in achieving parity of mental health with physical health in corporate UK, whilst showcasing an industry success story.

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      Realising value from your wellbeing strategy

      With over half of the businesses polled in our survey reporting that they find it difficult to measure the impact that their health and wellbeing strategy is having we take a closer look at the big questions HR teams face when implementing their plan.

      • How do I keep relevant and sustain engagement?
      • How do I now demonstrate return on investment and value?
      • How do I refine and address the health challenges of my organisation?

      We take a look at ways to overcome known barriers and how to ensure your activities are part of a strategy that is both targeted and measured.

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      Beyond PMI – the benefits available to your employees

      At AXA PPP healthcare we’re committed to guiding your employees to better health. Whilst we offer exceptional customer service through our private medical plans ensuring your employees get the best care and support they need when they are unwell, we are also able to provide additional services to cater for all of their health and wellbeing needs – before and after treatment.

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      Is your workforce “Fit to Age”?

      It’s said that health is 75% down to a good lifestyle and environment and 25% down to genes, so if you look after yourself, there’s no reason why you can’t be productive well into your 70s.

      So what, if anything, do employers need to do? The breadth of solutions can range from the latest preventive programmes, to new technologies, to a more active intervention in helping to resolve health issues.

      In this webinar Dr Jo Tremlett will explore how businesses can address the health and wellbeing challenges of a multigenerational workforce and see how organisations can work with us to set up an aging workforce strategy.

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      Ageing Workforce – planning for the future shift in employee demographics

      By 2020 a third of workers will be over 50, and in the absence of a compulsory retirement age, effectively managing an ageing workforce is becoming increasingly important. Especially with the challenges this shift in employee demographics brings.

      In this webinar Ben Willmott shares insight from the CIPD’s own research, highlighting key areas for HR professionals to consider, such as recruitment, retention and line manager capability. A workplace health management perspective is provided by AXA PPP healthcare’s Dr Steve Iley, with practical guidance that employers can implement today.

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      Getting the most from an EAP referral. Hosted by Eugene Farrell, EAP expert

      When you’ve noticed a change in an employee’s behaviour and you are concerned that it’s impacting their wellbeing or performance, referring them to your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) could help.

      In this webinar, EAP expert Eugene Farrell discusses how you can get the most out of referring an employee to your EAP, giving you confidence about why, when and how to use it effectively to support your team as well as get support for yourself.

      This webinar is ideal for anyone with people management responsibilities – managers, business owners and HR professionals.

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      Being remembered as a good employer

      How can you help employees to remember you as a good employer when they are leaving your organisation, and therefore leaving your corporate healthcare scheme? In this webinar we explore how, by working closely with you, we can drive best practice through the support and information we provide you to help employees enjoy continuation of cover, whether they’re leaving your scheme through retirement, redundancy or moving to a new role.

      We also look at how to effectively manage the leaving process, and tell you about our special time-limited continuation offer that gives employees leaving your scheme ‘like for like’ cover for existing or previous medical conditions.

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      How can businesses prepare for, and manage, the unexpected at work? Webinar hosted by Eugene Farrell, Head of Trauma Support

      Although they don’t happen every day, traumatic incidents such as suicide, personal injuries – even fires at work – do happen. Would you be prepared to manage the impact trauma may have on your people? In this webinar we look at the different kinds of trauma experienced in workplaces of all sizes. We explore what you can do to effectively manage trauma so that if a crisis happens, both your business and your people are prepared.

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      Bowel cancer – signs, symptoms, survival and how to support employees in the workplace

      Whether through embarrassment or lack of awareness, the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer are often ignored. Yet when detected early enough, the survival rate for bowel cancer is an amazing 93%.

      During this webinar, Sue Airey of Bowel Cancer UK and Dr Steve Iley of AXA PPP healthcare will be helping you understand the steps your employees can take to prevent bowel cancer, the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer and what people should do if they are worried. Dr Steve Iley will also discuss what employers can do in the workplace to support employees who are undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer.

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      Is it enough to know your numbers? The role of physiology in a wellbeing programme. John Crudgington, Lead Physiologist

      Wellbeing assessments giving individuals information about their key ‘numbers’ such as blood pressure and BMI are a popular, and important, service in modern health and wellbeing programmes. But is it enough for people to simply know their numbers?

      In this webinar we explore the role of physiology in helping people change behaviours to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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      How to adopt a proactive and robust approach to Occupational Health - Health Services leaders

      Understanding where to focus your efforts can be a minefield. This webinar introduces how a proactive approach to Occupational Health, with services that deliver clear and concise management advice, can help your organisation move from complexity to clarity. This is straightforward Occupational Health.

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      Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace – Dr Mark Winwood, Clinical Director for Psychological Health

      Having conversations about mental health with your teams and with colleagues isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to be an expert to talk about it.

      In this webinar, Dr Mark Winwood answers your questions about mental health, from how to encourage open conversations with team members, to how to identify when someone might need support or just asking ‘how are you?’.

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      Does mental health mean the absence of mental illness? Dr Mark Winwood, Clinical Director for Psychological Health

      One in six UK workers report experiencing mental ill health, such as depression or anxiety, at any one time. There seems to be a lot of focus on the diagnosed mental health conditions and suggested treatments for those experiencing these problems. What about the people who do not have a recognised psychological complaint but are not as mentally healthy as they could or indeed would like to be? Dr Mark Winwood explores how we can build psychological strength by shifting the focus from mental ill health to mental health improvement.

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      How can you use ergonomics to optimise performance in the workplace? Jan Vickery, Head of Operations, Affiliate Services

      Jan Vickery talks about how organisations of all sizes can get the best out of their people through ergonomics. The focus is on making the job fit the person so that each person is being used to the best of their ability. In particular, the webinar explores how to make sure that people with additional needs in the workplace are supported so that they can perform at their best.

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      How to get the most from an Occupational Health referral: From complexity to clarity – Dr Steve Iley, Medical Director, Health Services

      When an employee has been off work or is struggling to give their best, you often intuitively sense that there are several influences at play. Alongside physical health, emotional, psychological and environmental circumstances are relevant factors which also affect wellbeing and recovery. Dr Steve Iley discusses how to get the most from an Occupational Health referral so that you can get the clarity you need to plan quickly and with confidence.

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      How to build an effective wellbeing strategy for your business – Dr Chris Tomkins, Head of Personal Health Risk Management

      AXA PPP healthcare's Dr Chris Tomkins talks about employee health and the importance of building an effective wellbeing strategy for your business. How to build an effective wellbeing strategy for your business.

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      How can managers enhance employee engagement, health and wellbeing?

      Managers play a key role in the effectiveness of your employee engagement, health and wellbeing strategy. The behaviours they demonstrate have a direct impact on their team, yet often, managers receive little support. This webinar, hosted by AXA PPP healthcare and Affinity Health at Work, explores how development programmes aimed at managers can help create and enhance a culture of sustainable employee engagement, health and wellbeing.

      You will come away with:

      1. An understanding of the evidence-based approach to manager development.
      2. Practical guidance on the competencies and considerations that feed into the design of effective management development programmes.
      3. Resources to enhance success in achieving sustainable employee health, wellbeing and engagement in your organisation and particularly in supporting and developing managers to play their role in this.

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      Maximising the health of shift workers

      Working non-standard hours for many years is not only hard on the body, but may also dull the mind. According to a recent study, those who do shift work for more than 10 years seem to have the equivalent of an extra 6.5 years of age related decline in memory and thinking skills.*

      Join Dr Mark Winwood, AXA PPP healthcare’s Clinical Director of Psychological Health and John Crudgington, AXA PPP healthcare’s Corporate Wellbeing Manager as they explore the various impacts of shift work on the mind and body, such as poor sleep, and the ways in which employers can help to support the health and wellbeing of their shift workers.

      Source: Shift work ‘ages the brain’ NHS choices, November 2014

      Are you providing the right mental health support for your employees?
      Providing Mental Health support to employees

      Putting in place a programme that puts mental health on an equal footing to physical health can support employees from the first signs of mental ill health and provide the help and support needed to help build a resilient workforce now and in the future.

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