Supporting British Chambers Of Commerce

    • Healthy business is good for Britain

      At AXA PPP healthcare, we support the British Chambers of Commerce’s Business is Good For Britain campaign by helping keep small businesses fit, healthy and thriving.

      The British Chambers of Commerce is a dynamic, high profile and independent business network with 53 Chambers across the UK. With a 150 year heritage, Chambers are sitting at the heart of the community, working with and representing businesses of all sizes, across all sectors.

      The network is an essential part of growing business, providing companies with practical support, valuable access to new ideas and innovations, and creating useful connections. While not for profit, they are powerfully places to help those who are.

      When you’re running a small business where everyone really counts, time off with illness affects productivity, adds to costs and reduces service. AXA PPP healthcare and Chambers have worked together in partnership for the last five years to offer SME’s access to practical, affordable business health care, including exclusive services and discounts, to help keep you and your employees stay healthy, happy and at work.


      Find out more about the work that the Chambers do by clicking to the British Chambers website , or find your nearest Chamber by searching on the Interactive Map.

    • 'We simply can’t afford to have key people away from work for a long time'

      Ashok Kumar
      GP Laboratories, a pharmaceutical company in Northamptonshire

      Ashok’s pharmaceutical company works with hospitals and pharmacies around the world.
      He provided health insurance for his key people, because the company’s success counts on their vast knowledge and understanding. Now he’s reassured knowing that if someone should fall ill, we’d make sure they’d be seen quickly – getting them back to work as soon as possible.

      ‘Looking after our team’s health is a brilliant way of showing how important we think they are’

      Chambers Member

      This is a company with many employees who drive the length and breadth of the UK, meaning working days demand continued energy, attention and motivation. Offering health insurance made a big difference in recruiting and retaining a great team.

      ‘Having a fit and healthy team makes our office a great place to work’

      Margaret Juby
      Director at Sulis Healthcare Products, a Northamptonshire Chamber member

      Margaret is the director of a business that distributes medical products across the UK. With most work being office-based, few employees get much exercise during the day. Through the help of our online healthy living tools, fitness programmes and recipes, staff are now taking active interest in healthier living – helping Margaret get the happier, healthier workforce she needs.