Top tips for referring an employee to your EAP

    • Referring an employee to your Employee Assistance Programme

      When you’ve noticed a change in an employee’s behaviour and you are concerned that it’s impacting their wellbeing or performance, referring them to your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) could help.

      Here are EAP expert Eugene Farrell’s top tips for referring an employee to your EAP.



      1. Awareness – as a line manager, watch for changes in behaviour, appearance and performance of the employee. If the situation is immediately life threatening then call the emergency services.
      2. Communicate – don’t avoid talking about it if you have noticed a change in the employee and are concerned about their wellbeing or performance.
      3. Be timely – make a referral early.
      4. Promote your EAP – discuss the benefits to the employee of accessing the EAP.
      5. Follow up – always monitor and follow up with the employee.
      6. Seek support for yourself – managerial consultancy is there to help you, for example with help in approaching difficult conversations.

      Where can I find out more?

      In our webinar, EAP expert Eugene Farrell discusses Getting the most out of an EAP referral, giving you confidence about why, when and how to use it effectively to support your team as well as get support for yourself. This webinar is ideal for anyone with people management responsibilities – managers, business owners and HR professionals and includes answers to questions such as:

      January 2015

    • Eugene Farrell

      Viewpoint from Eugene Farrell, EAP expert and Head of Trauma support at AXA PPP healthcare

      Eugene is qualified in health economics and psychology and he has more than twenty five years of experience in the UK healthcare arena. He has worked in a variety of roles in both the public and private sectors and, for the past seventeen years, has specialised in the development and provision of employee support services.

      As well as delivering training on stress, resilience, mental health and managing critical incidents, he has worked with mental health providers, charities and government, advising on the management of mental health in the workplace and the management and delivery of organisational crisis support.

      He has authored articles and research on mental health, stress, absence, sickness presence, financial wellbeing, health wellbeing and EAP effectiveness, and has presented at professional conferences and on the BBC. He is an Executive Board member and former Chair of the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association, former Board member and International Director of the U.S. based Global Employee Assistance Professionals Association, and former Executive Director of Employee Assistance European Federation.

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