Wellbeing at Nissan

    • Nissan develop their Occupational Health provision delivering innovative health services and employee wellbeing engagement with AXA PPP healthcare.


      The next generation of Nissan Cars is at the heart of the research and development operations at both Nissan’s Technical Centre Division (NTCE) in Cranfield and Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in Paddington, London. In 2012 Nissan's Technical Centre Division welcomed a new Vice President, an expansion in workforce and its highest workload and greatest variety of projects ever.

      Nissan’s Human Resources department appreciated the challenges placed on their workforce. The Human Resources team sought to work collaboratively with AXA PPP healthcare to develop a broad health and wellbeing programme, focusing on prevention and mental health issues. The solution needed to work within existing budgets and deliver a high quality Occupational Health service that overcame all key challenges.

      Key challenges
      1. Limited Occupational Health Adviser availability: Nissan’s Technical Centre Division had an Occupational Health Adviser on-site for two days each week. The localised provision struggled in busy periods, staff experienced up to three weeks wait time for an appointment, and only in quiet periods did wellbeing initiatives get the required focus. 

        The Nissan Design Europe site experienced inconsistent local Occupational Health visits with staff sometimes needing to travel across sites to receive support. Additionally, Nissan has a predominantly male workforce (85%) - typically the  occupational Health Adviser received reactionary cases through a reluctance to  proactively seek support which further led to hard to manage erratic demand.
      2. Employee Diversity: Nissan staff roles vary including highly skilled, office and manual functions, this created an increased burden on a stretched Occupational Health Adviser who needed expertise across a broad array of topics.
      3. Psychological Stress: With a higher workload than ever before, employees faced working on multiple projects with stricter deadlines and tighter time management.
      4. An underdeveloped wellbeing initiative: Nissan provided Occupational Health and Private Healthcare, however, this was predominantly a reactive service dealing with employees already off sick.
      5. Changing business environment: Nissan are constant innovators, the Human Resources department sought a more ‘fit for purpose’ solution in a period of increased investment and workload.
      Proposed Solution

      AXA PPP healthcare developed a proposal migrating the existing Occupation Health service to a remote referral model with case management, helping to speed up referrals, protect against relevant risks and support productivity in the workforce.

      AXA PPP healthcare would work collaboratively with Nissan to effectively communicate and overcome any reservations around the removal of localised Occupational Health support. AXA PPP healthcare alongside Nissan sought to make positive, preventative health as integral to Occupational Health as the traditional regulatory, diagnostic and treatment elements. The solution included:


      • Remote Case Management: an established network of over 1000 employed and affiliated clinical practitioner’s meaning Nissan’s needs would be easily responded to regardless of geography or health concern.

      • Manager Health Gateway: a secure online system to initiate, track and manage the assessment, treatment and recovery of employees online, reducing administrative burden on managers and the Human Resources department.

      • Management Referral Template and Advice Report: A standardized unambiguous referral system and report format, giving managers expert and practical guidance that takes account of all relevant circumstances, including medical, professional social, emotional and legal factors. Additionally includes an evidence-based timeframe for return to health and work.

      • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provision: an accessible, clinically-led, carefully tailored and well promoted Employee Assistance programme, effectively tackling employee psychological health anonymously with measurable results. Including a suite of contemporary solutions, comprising unlimited telephone support, 24/7 medical information, and LifeManagement™ support.

      • Employee Health Gateway: an online health service using smart technology to keep employees enthused and engaged in a fully personalized, constantly evolving health agenda.

      • On site health promotion activity: utilising our health experts, marketing experts and onsite teams to support a robust calendar of wellbeing for employees.


      "We were aware the current Occupational Health provision needed adapting to suit our varied business environment but we did not have the expertise to create a bespoke service single-handedly. Our key account manager and the AXA PPP healthcare team worked with us every step of the way offering proposals, advice and support. The solution a service that was in keeping with Nissan’s ethos - innovation that excites."


      Nissan through working with AXA PPP healthcare moved to a remote Occupational Health model and introduced a new Employee Assistance Programme to tackle psychological and practical issues. The launch of the Employee Health Gateway and a vibrant calendar of activity encouraged participation and individuals to take responsibility for their own health. This resulted in:

      More efficient turnaround time of Occupational Health Adviser appointments and receipt of management advice letters. A comparable average referral of 5–7 working days where no further medical evidence has been required.

      29% sustained utilisation of the Employee Health Gateway, demonstrating a high percentage of employees engaged in wellbeing and actively pursuing routes to better health.

      A highly engaging volume of events aligned to the AXA PPP health calendar which was met with active participation from employees across both sites, including;


      • 110 employees over a five day period partaking in Know Your Numbers with a AXA PPP healthcare physiologist
      • DIY Health Check Month which saw 450 employees actively take part over a two month period, this included:
      • Healthy heart clinics
      • Stop smoking clinics
      • Diabetes clinics
      • Well-man/well-woman clinics     


      A Charity Cycle Challenge, covering a distance of 260 miles in three days, coupled with Wear it Red and Movember activity also raised awareness alongside £26,657.57

      Over 95% of Employee Assistance calls answered in under 15 seconds, ensuring practical advice and support was available for Nissan employees.


      Above all working collaboratively, and following a strategic review of services, AXA PPP healthcare and Nissan have managed to implement a health and wellbeing programme which employees have embraced. The Occupational Health provision ensures high quality service and matches the needs of the organization. The EAP offering gives anonymous help and guidance to support where stressful situations may emerge. Nissan have increased available services and improved quality within the existing budget.

      What's next?

      AXA PPP healthcare has worked hard with Nissan Technical Centre Division and Nissan Design Europe to develop a truly consultative partnership and deliver effective solutions through strategic account management. Recognising wellbeing is ongoing. Next steps include:

      Management Reporting – intelligence driven from our Employee Health Gateway and Employee Assistance Programmes will help Nissan identify and respond to the biggest health risks to their workforce. Recommendations are built on proven principles and rigorously tested practices.

      Continued support to Nissan Technical Centre Division and Nissan Design Europe in managing the health of their employees, reducing sickness absence and improving per formance. Further consolidate and grow engagement with the Employee Health Gateway and Employee Assistance Programme encouraging employees to take responsibility for their wellbeing.

    • "AXA PPP healthcare offered a unique perspective to Occupational Health delivery and ongoing Occupational Health management."

      Jonathan Parsons, Human Resources Manager, Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK (Ltd): NTCE Division

    • Nissan  

      Company information

      Industry: Manufacturing
      Number of Employees: 600
      Offices: Nissan’s Technical Centre Division (NTCE), Cranfield and Nissan Design Europe (NDE), Paddington, London.

      Nissan is the largest car producer in the UK with a comprehensive European presence, employing more than 14,500 staff across design, research & development, manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing.

      Nissan is committed to innovation and development that is good for the environment, enhances safety, improves dynamic performance or provides greater life-on-board satisfaction.

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