Musculoskeletal Health

    • With musculoskeletal conditions to blame for 31 million working days lost in 2013 (ONS 2014), what more can your business do to support your workforce?

    • How can you use ergonomics to optimise performance in the workplace?

      Jan Vickery, Head of Operations, Affiliate Services hosts this webinar.

      Jan talks about how organisations of all sizes can get the best out of their people through ergonomics. The focus is on making the job fit the person so that each person is being used to the best of their ability. In particular, the webinar explores how to make sure that people with additional needs in the workplace are supported so that they can perform at their best.

    • Proactive Health

      Proactive Health

      Keeping your employees fit, happy and healthy is crucial in today's corporate environment.


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      We have developed a suite of white papers providing insight and guidance, to help employers manage complex health issues such as tackling the stigma of mental health and making the most of the wealth of talents of an age diverse workforce.

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