Looking after businesses like yours

    • Looking after businesses like yours

      Whitley Stimpson is a fast paced, growing accountancy firm and for Practice Manager, Debra Higgs, work has never been busier.
      So it makes a world of difference to know she can count on us to help keep her and her team in good health.

      Expert healthcare without the hassle

      ‘It’s my job to make sure that our business runs smoothly. That means looking after all the day-to-day administration, including running the health scheme.

      It’s great that we’re doing so well but that does mean time is at a premium, not just for me but for everyone here. That’s one of the big reasons we have private healthcare. We know that we won’t have to wait around for treatment if we’re ill – and that’s worth everything to us.’

      Getting the team back to health and back to work quickly

      ‘Our people are specialists and they know their clients’ business in detail. If one of them is sick, we can’t just call in a temp. It means a lot of stress for the person who is ill, extra work for their colleagues and can even put pressure on the business if they’re away for a longer period. The costs go far beyond the illness itself.

      With AXA PPP healthcare, we’re in control. We get seen straight away and can choose when to have treatment or an operation if we need it. We can be in and out and back to work quickly, which is great for us and great for the business too.’

      “We know that we won’t have to wait around for treatment if we’re ill. That’s worth a lot to us.”

      Private healthcare experience

      ‘One of our directors had a painful shoulder injury that affected everything from her driving and typing to her ability to visit clients. She went to her GP but was told that there was no treatment available on the NHS – she’d just have to rest and wait until it got better. And that could take up to 24 months!

      With AXA PPP healthcare, she was seen within a couple of days, had an operation within four weeks and was back at work after two weeks.

      She’s even back in training at the gym now. All her premiums were worth that one operation.’

      “You can get seen straight away rather than having to wait months for an appointment. You can virtually pick when you have things done.”

      Why we chose AXA PPP healthcare

      ‘We switched to AXA PPP healthcare two years ago because of the highly competitive rates. One of the things that’s impressed us the most since then is the service. With work so busy, it makes such a difference to have an account manager who I can call without having to introduce myself again to different people.

      Whether it’s an administration query from me or a question about benefits from one of our staff, it gets sorted quickly and efficiently. That saves time and hassle and makes my life much easier.

      I’d definitely recommend AXA PPP healthcare to other businesses, without question – all the people I’ve dealt with have been fantastic. If you have people you can’t do without and you want to keep them happy at work, it really makes sense.’

      “I’d definitely recommend AXA PPP healthcare to other businesses, without question.”

      We support over 28,000 small to medium businesses like Debra’s and understand that each business is unique. That’s why we have flexible healthcare plans that we can tailor to your business and budget.

      Find out more by speaking to one of our small business advisers today on
      0800 387 754 or get an online quote.


      Cover for sole traders and small businesses

      Getting you back to work and to health, quickly.

      • Cover for up to 249 employees
      • Choose from a range of plans to suit your business needs
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