Supporting Britain’s small businesses

    • Supporting Britain's small businesses

      Small businesses are the backbone of Britain and the cornerstone to our recovery. Not only do they make up 99.9% of the UK private sector’s businesses, they employ nearly three-fifths of its workforce, and account for 48% of the turnover.

      We’re proud to be supporting 28,000 of the UK’s small businesses, and it seems that we’re not the only faithful supporters. AXA Business Insurance conducted a survey in June 2013* looking into buying habits to find out how small businesses were faring in the consumer market. The consensus? It found that the consumers were all for small, with small businesses well ahead in the popularity stakes.

      UK consumers in support of Britain’s small businesses

      We found that three times as many consumers chose to buy from a small business rather than a big brand (assuming price and convenience to be equal). On top of this, they were also prepared to spend an average of about 5% more for goods and services from a small business.

      So why were small businesses proving so popular? The survey revealed that they were considered to have better customer service and be better at providing ‘real people’ to talk to. Although they lost out to big businesses on their ‘inconvenient opening hours’, three-quarters of those surveyed said that SMEs provided a better service overall. They also chose to buy from small businesses because it supported the local economy.

      How do we support small businesses?

      At AXA PPP healthcare, we see it as our responsibility to help drive your businesses forward by keeping health costs down and productivity up, looking after the wellbeing of yourself, your employees and your business. But it’s not just our 28,000 small businesses that we support, we go further than that.

      Our commitment to small businesses is underpinned through our longstanding partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce. Together we’ve been helping SMEs nationwide to keep fit, healthy and thriving; providing access to practical, affordable business health care, including exclusive services and discounts, to help keep you and your employees stay healthy, happy and at work.

      AXA PPP healthcare is also a proud founding partner to Britain means Business. They open conversations with business owners, directors and entrepreneurs, talking about business in Britain today. With our experience we know how tough it can be to keep business moving. We want to continue these conversations, offering support and advice to employers to help their employees stay fit and healthy, boosting productivity and morale at work.

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      *Research was carried out among 2,000 UK adults by Onepoll in June 2013.


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