Waterfront Café Case Study

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    • An everyday story of business

      The business and people in this story may be fictional, but it’s the kind of story we hear from our members every day.

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      Meet Craig. He’s the chef at Waterfront Cafe. His pastries are the stuff of local legend.

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      Last month, Craig hurt his knee chasing his kids around the garden. (He says he’s not quite as agile as he used to be. His partner says he never was.)

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      At first, Craig tried to get on with work. But after a limping couple of days. It was clear his knee wasn’t going to get better on its own. Standing at the cafe kitchen counter only made things worse.

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      Craig’s assistant, Ted, did his best, but his own work to do too, there was only so long they could get by.

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      Meet Elise, the owner (stock controller, accountant, office manager, bottle washer.... etc.)

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      In between sorting out the food order, menu plans and a mountain of paperwork when the Cafe opened a couple of years ago, Elise spent 20 minutes taking out AXA PPP healthcare plans. She made sure she got cover for herself, Craig, Ted and Charlie the waitress – so everyone would be covered should they need medical treatment.

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      Thanks to Elise’s foresight, we were able to Fast Track Craig the very next day. When the therapist prescribed a course of physiotherapy, we booked Craig in with a nearby therapist, and a few sessions of expert treatment soon did the trick.

    • Waterfront cafe 8 image

      Craig was back on his feet, and back on pastry duty within weeks. Because he was seen and treated so quickly. Elise was able to get by without the trouble and expense of having to hire a temporary chef (who are not the easiest to find). The cafe was able to stay open, keeping hungry customers happy – and keeping the cash flowing. And although Ted had to do some extra hours, it was only for a manageable period, so he was able to cope without long-term disruption.

      With Craig back at work, business was soon back to normal with the Cafe’s customers barely noticing any difference.

    • The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining

      When business has never moved at such a pace or been quite as competitive, you’re right to be proud that you’re making it.

      Nobody can predict what’s around the corner, so it pays to look after your health and the people who are alongside you on your journey.

      We can help you build a healthcare plan and fast track you and your people to diagnosis and eligible treatment – and to support you all back to health and work as quickly as possible.

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