Victor & Co Case Study

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  • An everyday story of business

    All of the employees at the Victor & Co have private healthcare insurance.

    The business and people in this story may be fictional, but it’s the kind of story we hear from our members every day.

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      Since taking over the family accountancy business from her father, Rachel has seen business at Victor & Co go from strength to strength.

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      Her new role has given her perspective. Her father was always keen to be a ‘good’ employer and had put pensions and critical illness covering place for the nine employees. Rachel’s keen to continue those, but while they’re great benefits for the employee, she’s realised they don’t do anything to support her and the day-to-day business itself.

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      The recent absence of Alex, one of the other accountants, while he was waiting for medical treatment, threw the issue into sharp relief.

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      Scheduling work, making promises to clients and having the capacity to grab new opportunities needs everyone to be around and able to work at full capacity. When Alex was away, Rachel was so busy firefighting that planning had to go on the back burner.

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      It made Rachel realise just now much the business relies on its employees. She’s realised how much everyone in the team relies on each other.

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      She can see how quickly clients react if they don’t get the service they need. And, as an accountant, she’s only too aware that not being able to get work done for clients means not being able to invoice, which just leads to problems with cash flow down the line.

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      That’s why Rachel’s taking out AXA PPP healthcare membership for herself and every member of the team.

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      With cover in place, she knows she’ll be able to count on the team getting fast diagnosis and treatment to get them back to health and back to work without delay.

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