Tips for keeping healthy on the road

    • Driving long distances for your business can be exhausting and detrimental to your health.

      In fact, obesity is 92% more common in people who spend more than half their time on the road than those who drive a few days each month.*

      However, there are small measures you can take to limit the toll it takes. 

      Try these small changes to your travel routine and put yourself on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

      Limber up

      Taking some light exercise before you set off will help to energise you and ease the strains that a long drive will put on your body. Something as simple as a short walk will make a difference. It can also help keep you awake, especially if you’re starting early.

      Make time for breakfast

      Skipping breakfast might save you time but it’s a false economy. You won’t have as much energy during the day and you’ll be plagued by snack cravings. Your heart will thank you for getting off to a good start.

      Snack on fruit and nuts

      If you do snack along the way, have fruit or a cereal bar rather than a service station pasty or chocolate bar. Packs of nuts and seeds are also good. They’re easy to dip into, full of good fats and slow release energy, which is just what you need on the road.

      Take a break

      Driving long distances can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. But even a five minute roadside break every couple of hours can make a difference. It gives you time to to stretch your legs and restore blood flow, leaving you more alert at the wheel.

      Stay overnight

      If you’re driving late, consider finding a room for the night rather than driving through to your destination. Getting some proper sleep is not only good for you, it will make you more alert in the morning. You can always get up early in the morning to make up lost time.

      Drink more water

      Keeping well-hydrated will help you cope with the physical strain of long hours on the road. Regular top-ups are best. Drink lots of small amounts spread throughout the day.

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      Source: Columbia University study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine


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