Inside the minds of Britain's small and medium business owners

    • Small and medium businesses like yours are the backbone of the British economy. In order to best support you we wanted to delve deeper and understand how you’re feeling about your business and the day to day challenges you face.

      We surveyed 500 small to medium business owners like you. The results told us that you’re feeling positive and optimistic about the future of your business, however long hours, stress and lack of holiday can take its toll. Plus, you can be left feeling like you don’t get enough support for your own wellbeing and that of your business.

      With our private healthcare cover we can provide support to help you put the right foundations in place to help sustainably grow your business and look after your people.

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      We can support you and your business in the following ways:

      • Access to Expert Help – including our 24 hour health information phone service, online health centres, and telephone help and support from our dedicated nurses for heart and cancer related issues.
      • Dedicated small business team - we recognise that every business is unique, so have highly trained small business healthcare experts based in the UK. 
      •  Extensive cover and care for Heart and Cancer - we offer the option to include extensive cover and care for the conditions that worry people most, including telephone support from a dedicated nurse for members diagnosed with heart disease or cancer.
      • We’ll find appointments that fit around work – without the wait. You need your team in work, not working while unwell and waiting for news of an appointment. With Fast Track Appointments we can find appointments to suit your diary – either near home or work – or even at weekends and outside normal work hours.

      *This research was conducted in June 2015 on behalf of AXA PPP healthcare among owners of businesses employing 30 or fewer staff.


      Cover for sole traders and small businesses

      Getting you back to work and to health, quickly.

      • Cover for up to 249 employees
      • Choose from a range of plans to suit your business needs
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