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      During the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, more workers than ever worked from home, and according to a recent survey, 59% of employers now offer remote working to their employees.*

      Working from home can be a real benefit for a small business, helping you to manage your other commitments more easily. But if you’re spending all day in the house, you can fall into bad habits, such as slouching and screen tiredness.

      Here are some tips to make your home office work better for your body.

      Take a break

      With no office routine to guide you, it’s easy to let time drift without getting up from your chair. Take regular breaks, just like you would in the office, and stretch your legs and back to stop them stiffening up. A quick, brisk walk can also be a good way to get your metabolism working.

      Sit at a desk

      Slouching on the sofa with your laptop isn’t great for your back. It’s better to remain upright, at a desk. Ideally use a good office chair that gives proper support to your back.


      We now know that fidgeting is good for us. It burns calories and provides a low burn form of exercise – and you can do it at home without shame!

      Stand up and walk around

      Stand up for phone calls or even pace around the house if you prefer. It’s a good excuse to stretch your legs and keep moving.

      Make time for meals

      Have lunch at lunchtime just as you would in the office. This will not only give you a rest but also help you avoid eating too much during the day through constant grazing.

      Rest your eyes

      With fewer natural distractions at home, you might find yourself staring at your screen too long. Prevent visual fatigue by following the “20 x 4” rule. So every 20 minutes, look at something 20 metres away for 20 seconds and then blink fast 20 times.

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      Source: *The Confederation of British Industries, 2011


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