Avoiding the 3pm slump

    • Running a small business means you need to be full of energy and motivation across the course of your working day, but you may sometimes find that after a productive morning you finish lunch and your concentration can start to drift.

      Although this is sometimes known unofficially as the ‘3 o’clock slump’, research has shown that the most common time for a drop in energy levels is 2.16pm.

      Some ignore it and power through, some reach for a sugary snack or strong coffee, but however you try to manage this sudden strike of lethargy, it can often feel difficult to shake off.

      This of course can be detrimental to your productivity, and it’s easy to get stressed about workload when it becomes a challenge to stay focussed until the end of the day. However there are a few simple steps you can employ to help keep fatigue in the afternoons at bay.

      Combating tiredness at work the healthy way


      As well as keeping us in shape, exercising on work days can also help us manage our time more effectively and boost concentration, according to research conducted by Bristol University.

      Eat well

      Sugary snacks might provide you with an instant boost, but the effects wear off quickly and can leave you feeling sluggish. Instead prepare a lunch that provides slow burning energy to avoid a drop in energy levels later on in the day.

      Watch your posture

      We all know that slouching can be bad for our backs, but have you considered that poor posture may also be adding to your feelings of tiredness? It might seem too easy, but making an effort to sit up straight at your desk could be a simple but effective way to improve your concentration in the afternoon.

      Keep things interesting

      Not surprisingly, boredom can affect our productivity levels at work, so taking regular breaks, varying your workload and setting new goals could help keep you motivated after lunch.

      Source: NHS.uk


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