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Our AXA Health Tech & You programme discovers, promotes and supports the inventors and innovations in the exciting field of health tech.

The innovators that we help often have a special reason for seeking to solve health problems: maybe it’s their desire to improve their fitness or to aide a family member with a life-limiting condition. But whatever motivates these individuals and small businesses, our awards programme exists to support and champion these thinkers and creators – we put them first.

We’re here to endorse the smart people who dare to dream. We’re here to support the thinkers, who are shaping the future of healthcare technology right now, making a noticeable difference to the health and wellbeing of our customers today – and for years to come.

We are inspired by you. We are here for you. Tell us how you are making a real difference.

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Is fake news bad for your health?

Self-diagnosis-by-search-engine can fuel anxiety and worry. But, in most cases, the cure will lie in an informed diagnosis made by a trusted medical professional.

But when someone moves from self-diagnosis to self-treatment, the provenance and intent of health information online can get a whole lot murkier. 

Countering fake health news and raising the bar in medtech

For as long as it has been around, the Internet has been the first port of call as a symptom checker when people are feeling unwell.

But we are witnessing a toxic combination of increasing amounts of ‘fake health news’ with people far too busy to check the facts behind the news they are regularly consuming.

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