AXA PPP healthcare boosts wellbeing support for intermediaries

24 May 2019

AXA PPP healthcare has refreshed and extended its YourHQ online marketing communications portal to help intermediaries support their clients’ health and wellbeing.

Quick, simple and easy to use – and available at no cost to intermediaries AXA PPP healthcare has business agreements with – YourHQ enables advisers to make the most of the healthcare company’s wealth of articles, factsheets, infographics and posters to encourage their clients live to healthy active lives and support those affected by illness.

Intermediaries can choose from a wide range of subjects such as cancer, heart health & nutrition, mental health and musculoskeletal conditions, which they can adapt for print or posting online (see Appendix).

YourHQ is Windows and Mac enabled and intermediaries can customise material they’ve chosen by adding their or their clients’ logos, images, contact details and calls to action.

To help intermediaries better understand its products and services, AXA PPP healthcare has also refreshed its AmplifyIQ online training portal, offering bite-size modules on its individual, SME and corporate cover and on its online private GP, employee support and occupational health services.

“Health insurance intermediaries know the peace of mind healthcare cover brings to their clients – enabling them to secure early access to private medical treatment.

“But the healthcare market is changing and, with growing demand for prevention and wellbeing services, clients are looking to their advisers to help them to get them too.

“We know how important this is so we’ve refreshed and extended YourHQ to make it easier for intermediaries to support their clients – in sickness and, even better, health.” [Nicola Mohns, Head of Intermediary Marketing for AXA PPP healthcare]

For more information about introducing or advising on AXA PPP healthcare’ products and services, visit Amplify – its portal for intermediaries.

Appendix. YourHQ health and wellbeing support content

A = Article
F = Factsheet
I = Infographic
P = Poster

Breast cancer awareness [F]
Coping with a cancer diagnosis [A]
Decembeard [F]
Don't let cancer keep you awake at night [A]
Movember [F]
Testicular cancer – Ben’s story [A]
Testicular cancer awareness [F]

Heart health & nutrition
Be proactive with your health [I]
Food for thought [P]
Healthier heart [P]
Hidden sugar [P]
Know Your Body [I]
Know your stats [P]
National Screening programmes [I]
Smart swaps for a healthy heart [I]
Sugar [F]
Sugar and alcohol [F]
Water workout [F]
Your nutrition through the years [I]

Mental health
8 ways to keep your mind fit [I]
A better night’s sleep [F]
Better Sleep [F]
Depression awareness week [P]
Depression – Lea's story [A]
Dry January and beyond [F + P]
Keep your mind fit [F + P]
Living with depression – Emma’s story [A]
National Bed Month [P]
National Yoga Day [P]
Positive thinking [F]
Shift survival [F]
Stress Awareness Month [P]
Thought record [F]