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Jenny asked...

Suffering from tiredness

I have been suffering from tiredness, low energy and now just lately I am feeling my pulse on my left side really pumping. I feel it in my neck and my heart feels like it's racing. I have always suffered from constipation and now have a very low sex drive. When I was about 14 I had a gland removed from the left side in my neck. I have always been healthy and never attend the doctors. I have been looking up symptoms and was wondering if it sounds like I have thyroid trouble. My father and grandmother both suffered with thyroid trouble. Thank you

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The answer

Dear Jenny,

Tiredness and low energy levels can have many causes, this can be a vitamin deficiency, anaemia or hormone imbalance. Lethargy, low energy, constipation and low sex drive are known symptoms of an underactive thyroid, a racing heart rate is associated with and overactive thyroid, as would be weight loss, anxiety and diarrhoea. The normal heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute, so checking your pulse is one way to check if your heart rate is fast. The only way to check your thyroid levels is to see your GP for a blood test and with your family history I would suggest you do have this checked as you may need medication to treat low thyroid levels and also if your thyroid is overactive. Hopefully this will help you,



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