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David asked...

Shoulder blade pain

I have a problem with continual pain in my shoulder blade. The severity of the pain varies. I have had my GP,(a specialist), physio and acupuncturist all try to cure my problem.The last 3 through AXA. This problem has been ongoing over the past 2 years.The specialist says he is unable to solve it; the physio and acupuncturist; the same. Can you suggest any other form of treatment please? Or do I just live with the pain as it seems to be my only alternative at present? I do not want to go back to my GP,as their answer was to give me varying strengths of painkillers. Any suggestions please, would be appreciated?

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The answer

It’s apparent that you have seen all the appropriate clinicians and they should be best placed to guide you but you continue to suffer with the same pain and difficulty. You do not mention what if any diagnosis has been made as to the source of the pain in your shoulder blade and there are several conditions which could be causing this. 

Without further information as to the source of your problem there are two options you may like to consider, the first would be to request a second opinion from a consultant orthopaedic specialist who specialises in shoulders and you are able to do through  your policy, the second would be to speak to your Gp about referral to a Pain clinic, these are run by Consultant specialists who deal with intractable pain, in addition to being able to thoroughly assess and provide treatment for prevalent and chronic pain they can also where appropriate explore the reasons for the  pain further by requesting further tests and participation by other consultants if deemed useful. 

Pain clinics also take a holistic approach to pain management which often comprises a mixture of both conventional and some alternative medicine such as acupuncture for example and target this carefully to the issue presenting. 

Answered by the Health at Hand nurses  

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