Brush DJ innovator now part of NHS health technology programme

Publish date: 28/08/2015

Brush DJ artBen Underwood, dentist and app developer, is one of 17 innovators who’ll receive funding and support from the NHS to incorporate health technology with clinical practice as part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator programme.

Brush DJ is an app designed to help everyone keep on top of their dental health. The app plays two minutes of a song that you choose from your smartphone, and sends you easy-to-follow reminders of how to brush your teeth.

Ben told us ‘I’ve met many NHS leaders who’ve offered their support to help get the app adopted into practice quickly. In the past it’s taken 17 years to get an innovation into the NHS.

Much of the programme will be learning how to take the innovation to a larger number of patients at greater pace.’
The announcement comes after Brush DJ won the Keep Me Healthy category in the AXA PPP Health Tech & You awards.

‘The publicity around the awards also helped raise awareness of the app and increase downloads. In my interview for the fellowship, I cited the Health Tech & You awards as a key factor in the app development.

Research has also been carried out to look at the effectiveness of the app – a paper reporting the results has been approved for publication in the British Dental Journal.’

What’s next for Brush DJ?

Ben reveals plans to make the app more user-friendly so ‘anyone with only a basic IT knowledge can use and enjoy it.
I would also like to make it more accessible to blind and partially-sighted users and people who don’t speak English.
Technology, especially mobile technology, is becoming so widely adopted that using it to improve health is a no-brainer.

Apps can help people manage their own health and wellness. They can promote healthy living and offer access to useful information where and when it’s needed.’

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