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What’s on your bucket list?

 ‘What’s on your bucket list?’ …and other questions we’re not asking the ones we love

“In an ageing society it is important for us to be open with loved ones. AXA is well-placed to make these taboos a thing of the past.” Chris Horlick, Director of AXA

We live in a society obsessed with communication, but is the chit chat just a distraction from real conversation? We recently conducted a study to find out.

Be honest - What topics do you take pain to avoid? Is it the unopened bill on the kitchen table, the bathroom scales tucked under the cabinet, the burden of responsibility you feel as the family provider, the small lump that still hasn’t gone away?

You know that you should talk about this stuff, either with your partner, a friend, or a doctor…but instead you put on a brave face and stiffen your upper lip. Sometimes it’s especially hard to let down this mask with your nearest and dearest.

Starting a dialogue

Now that we can expect to live longer and in better health than the generations before us, there are new horizons and courses to steer that many of us haven’t considered.  These hard conversations can make a real and positive impact on how we prepare for the years ahead.

So we worked with The School of Life – an organisation devoted to developing emotional intelligence – to come up with a challenge to get people talking about their future.

We’ve created a game of conversation-starters with one hundred questions to ask someone close to you. Questions progress from simple ice-breakers to those tricky, often-avoided questions.

So if you’re stumbling through mid-life with your eyes fixed on your shoes, or squashed under the weight of procrastination, join the conversation and #OpenUp

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